Friday, January 26, 2007

a rather unfortunate case..

I've been following the case of the 21 year old Nigerian sentenced to death in Singapore. He was hanged early this morning (according to this report)

Read the full account of the case here
The case of Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi

Singapore's law against drug-trafficking has two stiffeners. The first is that if a person is found with 15 grams or more of diamorphine, then the court will presume that he is trafficking, and not just possessing it for his own consumption. It will be up to the defendant to refute that presumption; the prosecution does not have to prove it.

The second is the fact that if found guilty, the judge has no choice but to sentence the accused to hang. The law specifies the sentence and the judge has no discretion.

Critics have said that these features of our law may lead to something less than best possible justice.
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...its human nature

Ship's scavengers ignore police
Hundreds of people are continuing to rummage through cargo from the stricken ship MSC Napoli despite police road blocks and warnings to stay away.

I guess its not just in naija that people take advantage of any opportunity to make a quick buck, human nature is the same the world over...


Chxta said...

Funny, on forums where the scavenging talk has come up, people are quick to blame greed, but if it is Nigerians taking fuel from pipes we blame poverty...

Nilla said...

I wasn't even aware of Tochi's case until 2 days ago.
It's really sad.....
he was arrested when he was 18..and now he's dead @ 21 :-(

Unknown said...

Its so sad about Tochi's case. I read about it on Nigeria World.

I had hoped that with the Nigerian Government's intervention, he would be granted amnesty but that wasnt to be. I pray that other Nigerian youths learn a grave lesson from his death and it acts as a deterrent to them. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

Yep…Quite unfortunate…Still.

Happy New Year, bros