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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

something out of Jerry Springer

Poor Obj, since leaving power, its been one scandal or the other. Even Nollywood couldn't make up the current one doing the rounds. It takes a lot to shock me, but i'm stunned at the 'allegations' made by Obj's son - Gbenga Obasanjo

Either Gbenga Obasanjo has completely lost the plot or there is some crazy shit happening in that family..
Meanwhile who knew we had 'armchair psychologists' in naija, check out their anaylsis of the whole affair

Recommended reading
42 years ago (January 15 1966), Nigeria's first attempt at democracy ended with the violent overthrow of the government of Sir Tafawa Balewa. Six months later, there was another coup carried out by mainly Northern soldiers. These two events eventually led to the Nigerian civil war
check out Nowa Omoigui's excellent article on the events of 1966
Northern Nigerian Military Counter-Rebellion July, 1966

I'm outta here...
Out of the UK that is, till the end of the month
we're off to sunny Lanzarote..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Ms V

Hideously White BBC

According to the Daily Mail the BBC is more "hideously white" than ever, after it was revealed that the number of black executives has dropped to the lowest in years. The BBC is planning to "fast-track" young ethnic staff to senior positions, which has led to accusations of positive discrimination.

This is such a bad idea, any black person working at the beeb unlucky enough to be "fast-tracked" into a senior position will find themselves hated by those below them and patronised by senior management.

This is another example of 'political correctness' gone mad. All ethnic minorities want, is a level playing field, we don't need to be patronised and fast-tracked into positions, so senior management can hit their ethnic quotas.

If the bbc feels guilty about ignoring ethnic minorities it should start with it's tv schedules. There are hardly any black shows (Crimewatch does not count ; - )) on the main BBC channels.

Chris Rock rocks the house

"Is America ready for a black president? Is America ready for a woman president? We should be - we've just had a retarded one" - Chris Rock At the Hammersmith Apollo

One of my favourite stand up comedians, Chris Rock performed at the Hammersmith Apollo last night. It was one hell of a show, haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
If you're a fan of black stand up comedy, you should definitely go see him. Most shows are sold out but they might add some more dates due to demand.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

ijebuman's 2007 awards

Its that time again to look back on the previous year and identify the characters who made their mark on the Nigerian political scene. Here are ijebuman's personal awards to those who made 2007 an interesting year..

roll drums

The "Forrest Gump" award for the most retarded statement goes to INEC Chairman Maurice Iwu. Iwu described the April 2007 elections (AKA Naija's worst elections ever) as "a success that would be remembered for generations" (see
No doubt the 'Selection' will be remembered but not as a success.

Iwu also wins the "David Blane" award for creating the 'magical' illusion called the April 2007 elections. Iwu shares this special award with former president - Obasanjo.

The "Mr Bean" award goes to the Attorney general of the federation - Michael Aondoakaa. According to the BBC, Nigeria's attorney-general has blocked efforts to recover millions of dollars looted by former Nigerian officials (especially in the James Ibori case)

Apparently Aondoakaa was not impressed that the brits did not show him the respect he deserves as a SAN (Senior Asshole of Nigeria), as the request for assistance was not personally signed by the home secretary, in a newspaper interview he whined that "A state counsel will send a request to me, not even his Home Secretary, and you want me to sign. No! Are you considering the bigger image of Nigeria?" (

ijebuman wonders what image this idiot is talking about, would that be our image as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
Aondoakaa also wins the "Johnnie Cochran" delusion award for services to the destruction of the legal process in Nigeria.

The "Return of the Jedi" award goes to Peter Obi for reclaiming his position as governor of Anambra state. Obi won the 2003 elections but Dr Chris Ngige was declared the winner.
Chris Ngige's victory was later overturned by the Court of Appeal in March 2006 and Obi was sworn in as governor but impeached five months later.
In February 2007 he won again at the court of appeal and was re-instated but then had to leave office at the end of May 2007. Obi returned to the courts again to argue that his term started in 2006, the supreme court of Nigeria agreed.

The force is defintely strong in Obi..

The "MJ (Michael Jackson)" award' goes to Obj, Just like Michael, Obj started well then he turned 'Bad' and 'Dangerous' and now we hope he is History...

The "Irreplaceable (to the left)" award goes to ex speaker of the House of Representatives, Patricia Etteh for thinking she was irreplaceable as speaker.
She thought because she had the support of her Godfather (Obj) she could hang on and weather the storm, unfortunately her fellow honourables did not feel the same way and she was forced to resign at the end of october 2007.
Etteh also wins the Good riddance award.

This year's "I'll do anything to meet a celebrity" award (the "celebrity" in this case is a 'lame duck' American President) goes to our current president, Yawn'Adua for telling George Bush on his recent visit to the white house "This is a moment that I'll never forget in my life" (see when Yardy met George)
defintely a cringeworthy moment..
Yardy also wins the 'Invisible man' award for services to invisibility.

The "Foot in mouth" award goes to a fellow blogger and the son of the former president, Dare Obasanjo for describing some poor sod that works for his dad as a 'servant'.
The resultant furore in the naija blogosphere created a lot of ''bad belle'' for Dare forcing him to restrict access to the pictures (after promising that he wouldn't do it lol)
You can still catch a glimpse of Obj's 'famous servant' here

see last year's ijebuman's 2006 awards