Friday, March 31, 2006

When Segun met George

George to Segun: so if i'm going to pull this third term trick here how do i convince the American people that we need to amend the constitution.

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The ideal home show

The Waterfall was the only interesting thing at the ideal home show
I might as well have stayed at home but instead i went to the ideal home show at Earls court. If you were there last year don't bother going, its the same old set up from last year. I was hoping to see a lot of companies dealing with alternative energy, especially solar power.
Lets just say i was disappointed at the turn out.

You do see the strangest things in London, like the homeless guy at my local train station answering his mobile while begging for money (and he even has a dog too..)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Celebrating what is positive about Nigeria

Naija rocks???

Its surprising how much a lot of us complain and never really talk about the positive things in Nigeria. An alien from outer space will think Nigeria is the worst place on earth going by the stuff written in the media, blogosphere and the many nigerian forums on the net.
It's understandable, a lot of us are very passionate about the country and find it hard to understand why Nigeria is the way it is.

So to make up for all the negativity around, here's my TOP 10 list of the positive things about Nigeria

1. Nigeria is still one entity despite the many ethnic and religious crises throughout its history. (think its not a big deal, it could be a lot worse look at similar African countries like Sudan, Somalia and the Congo).

2. The outstanding citizens the country has produced (Fela, Tai Solarin, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka etc)

3. Our national football team (i'm not into football but even i get excited when our team plays)

4. Our rich history and culture (just check out the art from Benin)

5. The community spirit still prevalent in many parts of the country.

6. The entrepreneurial spirit in Nigerians (the private sector is truly alive in the country and if the government creates the right environment, the private sector can definitely turn the country around)

7. Nollywood (yeah this is a controversial one but i still it see it as a positive)

8. The Music (from Afro beat to Juju to Apala, or is it Highlife you want we've got it)

9. The organic foods (when your taste buds have been assaulted with all kinds of artificial crap, you begin to appreciate our natural tasting foods)

10. The warmth and friendliness of most Nigerians despite the harsh economic situation.

Ok i have to admit it was hard to come up with ten but its a start and i know that it will get easier with time (we just need to get rid of the bunch of idiots that hold us back...)

Quote: “Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.” - anon

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Power of the Sun (2)

Solar power, why are we not using it???

I've been doing a lot of research into solar power since my trip to Australia where it is widely used. I still don't understand why solar power is not widely used in Nigeria considering how bad the electricity situation is. There are still no signs of improvement despite the "billions" spent by the current administration since 1999.
There are so many generators in Nigeria (no thanks to cheap imports from China) that a lot of people have stopped relying on NEPA (or whatever it is called now) even as a back up supply.
I really (and i can't stress it enough) hate generators, the noise and pollution they produce drives me nuts. I just don't see it as a viable way of generating power when we have so much sunlight.

I'm aware of companies dealing in solar power in Nigeria, but the cost of installation is still very high. It shouldn't be too expensive as the prices of the major components - solar panels, deep cycle batteries and inverters, have been falling for the last few years.

I'm planning to install solar panels to provide electricity in my garden shed and i was quite surprised at the cost here in the UK, which is about £120 for the whole solar power kit. (this is the basic package : 10W Solar Power kit, this can provide power to two bulbs for a few hours)
Its just crazy, if its so easy and cheap to install a small unit here in England, where you'll be lucky to get 4 hours of sunlight (and that's in summer), then why not in Naija where no one bothers with the weather forecast because its always sunny, and we're talking 8 and half hours of sunshine every single day, especially in the north where the rainy season is short.

We need to wake up to the reality around us and stop importing f**king cheap generators from China, we need solar power and we need it now!! Oil is going to run out in probably the next 50 years and we're yet to invest in alternative sources of energy (apart from gas). In Australia, solar power is used to power the streetlights in the Sydney olympic village. In many parts of the US, solar power is now used as an alternative to the public supply. Even here in cloudy old England, solar energy is becoming a viable alternative as energy prices keep rising.

Its great that more people are now using power inverters, but it still relies on NEPA to replenish the charge. Replacing that part of the process with solar power should be our ultimate goal.

Depending on how successful i am with the installation in my garden shed, i'm going to install a similar one at our house in Lagos when i'm over there later in the year.
I've given up on the government ever providing constant electricity....

For anyone interested in Solar power, inverters etc (Nigeria: Warming up to solar energy) (David Brooke's solar power setup) (system set up) (Solar Technology International makers of Photovoltaic Solar Panels) (how to make a solar power generator)
(power inverters in nigeria)

Quote: “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die…” - anon

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The Power of the Sun (1)

Total eclipse of the Sun
A total eclipse of the Sun began its journey across the Earth at sunrise in eastern Brazil on Wednesday. It will sweep northwest across Africa, Turkey and Central Asia before ending at sunset in Mongolia.

Parts of Nigeria (Oyo, Kwara, Niger, Zamfara and Katsina states) will experience a solar eclipse today.
While everyone is excited at the opportunity of experiencing such a rare event, the government is a bit concerned, you know how stupid, oops sorry superstitious some of our people are. In 2001 when a lunar eclipse occurred in the north some people (and i use that term loosely) decided to attack christians.

So this time around the government (thank God it is finally waking up to its responsibilities) has decided to "enlighten" people ahead of this event. But i doubt if that will be enough to stop some smart Nigerians (i.e. Religious Ayatollahs) from claiming it's a "sign from God"

When solar fears eclipse reason
Solar eclipses are nowadays major tourist attractions, but in ancient times, they were events of ill omen, to be dreaded and feared.
While scientific knowledge has explained the phenomenon, some superstitions continue to hold sway. An eclipse in Nigeria in 2001 was seen by Muslim youths as anger from god for sinful activities.

And the ancient belief that an eclipse presaged war and devastation is still preached by some mystics in India. A belief persists in India that all cooked food left uneaten during an eclipse should be given away, as it will have become impure.
A superstition with rather more common sense behind it holds that anyone holding a knife during an eclipse will cut themselves.

Ignorance breeds fear
For most of human history, people did not understand what an eclipse was.
It is a terror that goes back thousands of years, with references in the Old Testament and ancient Greek and Mesopotamian literature.
The ancient Chinese believed that solar eclipses were caused by a dragon trying to swallow the Sun.
To this day, the Chinese for a solar eclipse is "resh" or "Sun-eat".
If they knew an eclipse was coming, the Chinese would shoot fireworks and bang gongs to scare it away.

The Vikings believed two wolves ran after the Sun and the Moon, and that an eclipse happened when they caught up with their prey.
They, too, would make as much noise as possible to scare off the beasts.

The power of prediction
When scientific knowledge was not widespread, a little forewarning could be a powerful tool.

In 1503, the explorer Christopher Columbus, stranded in the Caribbean, "predicted" a lunar eclipse he knew would take place to secure respect and fear from the natives - as well as a regular supply of food.
Some fared less well. Some time between 2165 BC and 1948 BC, brothers His and Ho were appointed by the Chinese Emperor Yao to keep a watch on the skies. Sadly, they failed to predict an eclipse and the Emperor chopped off their heads.

Growing awareness of the science behind the phenomenon did not stop many cultures feeling uneasy.
In Japan, wells were covered to prevent poison from dropping into them from the darkened sky.
In 17th Century England, John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost: "The Sun in dim eclipse disastrous twilight sheds On half the nations, and with fear of change perplexes monarchs."

Eclipsed lovers
Today, most concerns centre on the risk of eye damage from looking at the sun directly without protective glasses.
Indeed, the level of anticipation ahead of an eclipse is so great that in Ghana, the authorities will sound sirens across the country to announce the eclipse.
But historically, not all peoples have been so negative in their view of eclipses.
Some North American Inuit believe that during an eclipse, the Sun and the Moon temporarily leave their places in the sky and check to see that things are going all right on Earth.

And one touching Amazonian myth describes the Sun and the Moon as lovers.
They loved each other so much that the Sun's light scorched the Earth and the Moon's tears drowned it.
So it was decided that they should live apart in the sky and only be allowed to touch each other's shadow during an eclipse.

Occur when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, as it travels west to east
Previous eclipse happened in 2003, but was only visible from part of Antarctica
Next eclipse will happen in 2008
Width of effect on Earth is at most 270km (167 miles), and record duration is seven-and-a-half minutes
Will come to an end in about 600 million years when the Moon will be too far away from Earth to cover the Sun

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things that make you go WTF

What The Fuck is going on..
In the news: Dirty old man!
A 45- year- old callous father, Fadahunsi Oriarewo, has been arrested by the police for allegedly defiling a six-year-old girl in Festac town Lagos, after enticing her with N10 for the purchase of sweets (candies).

But Oriarewo, a caretaker at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in the area, denied the rape allegation, telling Saturday Sun that he only sexually assaulted little Miss Robinson.
"This is a surprise to me. I did not do it (penetrate the girl). I only fingered her. Na my finger I take touch her. I swear I no do am at all," he said in Pidgin English.
Also, sources around the neighbourhood further told Saturday Sun that raping of underage girls has been a common occurrence in the area for sometime now. They disclosed that a 14-year-old girl was raped in the area few weeks back and pleaded with the police to get to the root of the case.

While the Nigerian government concerns itself with irrelevant sexual issues, sexual crimes against underage kids go unpunished. Many cases are not reported and the response the accused man gave in the above news story, that he did not 'rape her but only fingered her' (as if either of them is a lesser crime) reveals how prevalent such abuses have become.
Nigerians talk about morality and spew so much religious bullshit that if you didn't know better you might start believing it.

stumbled on this interesting article in the Washington Post, African Christians a Growing Dynamic Force.
Anyone extremely sensitive about religion will have to forgive me, but what a load of crap

I found the following parts of the article extremely amusing
"You want to see where Christianity is heading?" said Campbell Shittu Momoh, an author on Nigerian religious affairs. "Come look at Nigeria. It's already here."
And it's Hell, if that's where christianity is heading, thank God i got out quickly

"The church in Nigeria is very, very disciplined and focused," said Dickson Adeyanju, the chief religion correspondent for The Guardian, the largest newspaper in Lagos. "That sets them apart."
yeah very focused on getting people's money and sucking them dry through tithes

"Adeboye radiates confidence _ even when making eyebrow-raising predictions.
Most followers wouldn't dare question him. Adeboye says he has a pipeline to God. He makes headlines in Nigeria each year with prophecies, which are usually vague and open to many interpretations. This year's include that a "major evil organization" will suffer a blow."

probably Dr Evil's Organisation

"What I'm talking about here is not spiritual authority, but economic authority. The pastors can basically do whatever they want with the money," said Samuel Bayo Arowolaju, a Nigerian-born expert in African churches now living in suburban Chicago. "The pastors of this church become superheroes or kind of mini-gods."
while their followers become 'Religibots'. Might as well call them by their true name, c u l t s
Characteristics of a cult

The service in early February _ with its "modest" crowd of 300,000 _ raised "a couple of tens of thousands of dollars," said Adeboye. There's one at least that big every month in addition to thousands of smaller weekly services in Nigeria and around the world. Adeboye tells the faithful: Give so you can get.
"It is clear in the word of God that you don't get out of poverty by praying. You don't get out of poverty by fasting," Adeboye said after the nearly nine-hour event. "There's only one way of getting out of poverty. It's by sowing."

Sowing what and where? His church i suppose.

"Why did I join Daddy's church? Take a look around," she says, waving her hands at the crowds. "Daddy inspires. Daddy tell us Jesus is right here to help improve our lives. The Anglican church was all about, 'Don't do this, don't do that.' Daddy is all about possibilities and making breakthroughs. It deals with heaven, but also the here and now."
whats all the 'daddy' stuff about?? [and who's the daddy? ; - )]

Daddy is pleased.
who wouldn't? He's smiling all the way to the bank
i have to admit that in their own way they are providing some form of employment through their business enterprises (the university,bank,drycleaners etc)
but at what price???
turning Nigerians into 'RelgiBots' who can't think for themselves.

In the News: I will contest the 2007 presidency -IBB
Former military president, General Ibrahim Babangida, finally takes the speculation off his rumoured ambition to run for the nation's top job come 2007.
"I am ready for 2007… if I get the nomination of my party, I will contest", the Minna General told a team of editors in a no holds barred interview during the week.

The original trickster (or is it evil genius??) is back and God help us all if he makes it to Aso rock. Only a country like Naija will produce such a person like IBB. And it's only in a country like Naija such a person will even consider going for the presidency again.
Now i'm not one of those people who will blame IBB for every ill that has befallen naija since 1985, that he outsmarted nigerians time and time again shows how slick and smart he is. The guy obviously knows our people well and deserves his nickname 'maradona'.
But like Maradona's addiction to cocaine (which destroyed his football career), IBB is addicted to power, and his pursuit of that power will ultimately lead to his downfall...
An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy. "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.
One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"
The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

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Monday, March 27, 2006

There's one born every minute..

Looks like some 'dumbasses' are using my blogging email address to send me some interesting "email" offers (i'm not calling them 419 emails as every nationality is in on the scam these days).

give it a rest, anyone expecting me to fall some 'get rich quick idea' should read previous blog entries.

From Mr. Paul .O.Johnson
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From Mr. Paul .O.Johnson
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By the grace of God i am Mr. Paul .O.Johnson a liberian and by the grace of God a succesful Business man.I have in my days travelled far and wide doing importation in automobile parts i am however residing in Abidjan where i have my business location,

I however now regret never living a godly life in my healthy days, i came to know god now that i am so ill and surfering from cancer that has defiled all medical attention.
i took business so serious but i now know that it doesnt profit a man to gain the world but lose his life.

i have been told by my doctor that the cancer has eaten so deep that i have zero chance of survival,i have been into shock and back from it.but my greatest regret now is that i never got married and my friends now flee from me since they thought my ailment has drained me financially.

i only give thanks to god for the little wisdom he gave to me.which i have now started given out here in my environment for his work since i may not have need for them soon,and part of that i will also give for his work around the world so as to accomplish my heart desire of touching lives globally before i finally meet my creator.

I have left in a trunk box in my security company a total sum of five million five hundred thousand Dollars($5.5m) and this is what i have made up my mind to give to a good christain led by the spirit of the lord or to any church that is willng to help the sick,orpharns,disasters victims and to the less priviledged outside there this has been my heart desire.if you can be of any reasonable assistance for this fund to be used properly and strictly as i have said,then you can reply me and tell me your details so as to forward it to my security company so as to make some neccesary changes for the fund to be sent to you or you can come personally whichever way you choose.

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and from espana, the usual spanish lottery scam from a senorita sandra blanco

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In the news (not too long ago)
Prescott accountant sent to jail (March 10)
An unqualified accountant who hid his criminal past has been jailed for four years for stealing almost £1m from John Prescott's department.
Robert Adewunmi, 32, lied about his qualifications to work for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

wonder what he would have done if he was a "qualified accountant". The strangest thing about this story is that none of the major news sites seems to have a picture of the guy.
Some even had the picture of the Deputy PM displayed on the news story (as if he had anything to do with the crime). I wish there was a pic to confirm if the guy is truly Nigerian...

The name and type of crime may fit the profile of a typical naija criminal but i still need to see a picture to confirm. If we don't know what the guy looks like he can easily change his name when he gets out and slip back into our community (thats assuming he's actually Nigerian...)

Quote: "Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer" - anon

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Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm disgusted (Part 1)

definition according to

To excite nausea or loathing in; sicken.
To offend the taste or moral sense of; repel.

Profound aversion or repugnance excited by something offensive.

Filled with disgust or irritated impatience.

I'm disgusted with (in no particular order)

The nigerian government
for the way it has organised the current census. There were mixed signals and conflicting information from government officials throughout the previous week. People in Lagos were forced to stay at home for five days while in other parts of the country people moved around.
Its not rocket science, allocate 2 days, do the damn counting and let people get back to work.

Bush et al (no surprise there)
for the disaster in Iraq and for the hypocrisy regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions. I may not like the islamic leadership in Iran but who the hell are the Americans to decide who should have access to nuclear technology. Their unilateral actions around the world is the reason why Iran wants to have nukes. Can you blame them? the US will not mess with North Korea and thats because they have nukes..

Religious Ayahtollahs - extremists, fundamentalists, whatever 'ists'.
They are the biggest problem we face in Nigeria and have turned many Nigerians into 'ReligiBots'. They come in different shapes and forms boring us to death with their religious crap. They make our society a less tolerant place and i think its time the government took a stronger stance. You want to be religious keep it to yourself and stop inflicting it on others.

Obj and his 'third term politricks'.
The 'would he', 'should he', 'could he' drama is becoming boring and tiring. He should stop hiding behind a smokescreen and put his cards on the table. The country deserves an answer now.

Obj. (again) digust x2
I'm stunned that he would even consider staying past his 'sell by date'. Give it up old man and let someone else do the job.

Previous generation of Nigerians,
yeah the generation that had it so good (jobs when they graduated, great educational facilities etc) but had no vision whatsoever and in the process sold us into 'economic slavery'. Obj is a current example of how hopeless the previous generation is, the guy has no vision whatsoever. People like Awolowo et al left a lasting legacy that has continued to propel the Yoruba race. Obj's generation are like parasites, feeding off the country and leaving nothing behind for the next generation.

The west is full of crap, its the old maxim of 'do as i say not as i do'. The US screams security when an Arab company buys a company that controls some of its ports or when a Chinese company tries to buy an American oil company. The French government block attempts by foreign companies to take over french companies. Yet they have the nerve to lecture developing countries about protectionism. They want us to open up our borders to all their imports but are unwilling to do the same.

To be continued when i'm in another bad mood....

Quote: "Everything has been outsourced to God, unfortunately God doesn't do consultancy work"

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Poor Slave

Was contributing to a topic on one of the forums i visit about the negative portrayal of Africa by the western media.
I don't know how anyone can support or justify the portrayal of Africa by the western media. Lets start with the choice of words they use, they describe our ethnic groups as "Tribes", that in itself is a derogatory term to use in describing African ethnic groups when such words are never used to describe European ethnic groups.

But i digress, if we Africans can not see the damage (and hypocrisy) in the way western media report events about Africa then it's pointless complaining when football supporters in Europe make 'monkey chants' against our footballers or westerners ask Africans if they live in trees etc.

Thinking about the whole issue, reminded me of a great song by Jimmy Cliff called 'Poor Slave'

Poor Slave - Jimmy Cliff

Poor slave take the shackles off your body
Poor slave pull the shackles off your mind
Please listen to me carefully and if I'm wrong

Then correct me
But if I'm right mine's not the praise
Now let us see if we agree

The definition of a slave
Means one's not free entirely
So a slave is still a slave
If he can't think independently

Poor slave take the chains off your body
Poor slave pull the chains off your mind

A tree is still a tree
Though it sheds it leaves when winter comes
But it blooms again in spring
But if it did not bloom its roots are torn
But a slave remains a slave

Without the knowledge of his roots
Until he's taught the facts
Not just some but all the truth…

Poor slave take the shackles off your body
Poor slave pull the shackles off your mind

There was a brother the other day
Telling me he is feeling high
Well I just sadly had the time
But drug and booze is lowering
And if I'm asked how to get high
I'll tell the truth and not a lie
But high and high a man can get
With wisdom, knowledge and understanding

Poor slave ease the pressure off your body
Poor slave put the pressure on your mind

Poor slave ease the pressure off your body
Poor slave put the pressure on your mind

Poor slave take the shackles off your body
Poor slave pull the shackles off your mind

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Friday, March 10, 2006

A day at the British Museum

its the birthday weekend and the best way of spending it was to drag myself off to the British Museum. Wifey is not around so its me myself and i doing the celebrations this year.

The British museum is such a magnificent place that you could almost forgive the British for filling it with 'stolen' treasures and artefacts from around the world.
Had to go see some of the excellent pieces looted during the British raid on Benin during the 18th century. They stole the artefacts from Benin but couldn't believe Africans created the art.

Some crazy guy back then even came up with the ludicrous theory that it wasn't made by Africans but came from the mythical Atlantis.

I guess back then they just couldn't handle the fact that the savages could produce such exquisite art.

More pics
Benin Art 1
Benin Art 2
Benin Art 3
Benin Art 4
Benin Art 5
Benin Art 6
Benin Art 7
Benin Art 8
Benin Art 9

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In the News: Big Brother Nigeria goes on air

The BB phenomenon hits naija, should be interesting, shame i won't have the opportunity to actually see it. Not that i'm a BB fan, although i did watch the first UK series when it first started just to see what all the fuss was about. My interest in the Nigerian version is purely for sociological reasons. ; - ) It'll be a great opportunity to see how Nigerians react in such an intense environment.

Anyway i suppose its a great opportunity for the contestants. I mean the prize money (equivalent to about 14 million Naira) will definitely make a lot of difference to whoever wins. I'm not too sure i'll want to win that kind of money in such a setting. Every fraudster from Calabar to Sokoto will want a piece of the action.
Looking at the profiles of all the contestants, noticed two fellow Pisceans called Francisca and Frank, and i'm already hoping either of them wins.

I did find it funny that to watch it online you have to pay $20 dollars, yeah right like thats going to happen....

Quote: "Hate is love minus the facts" - anon

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