Thursday, November 02, 2006

Naija Aviophobia

Aviophobia (Fear of flying)

I heard about Sunday's plane crash a few hours after i returned to the UK. For some strange reason i was not shocked or surprised about it, infact the only thing that surprised me was that anyone survived the crash.

I've always had a fear of flying and guess where i got that fear from??? yep you're right, naija. It was back in 78 (in the days of Nigeria airways and their crappy F27 planes). The whole family (minus my dad) was travelling from Kaduna to Lagos. Halfway through the flight someone noticed that air was coming in through one of the emergency doors. I remember the pilot coming round to check it and then telling one of the flight attendants to hold on to the door for the rest of the flight.

As a family we learnt a lot from that incident, since then we have never travelled together on a plane. I became a reluctant flyer and will only use a plane if i have no options. I have not flown locally in naija since then.

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