Wednesday, November 15, 2006

108 days after..

its been a while since i blogged about Jr, so here's a quick recap. He's now over 3 months old, i do not find his smile fascinating anymore (joking of course), the little trickster uses it to manipulate us ; ), all he has to do is smile and he knows he'll get his way. (damn he's a fast learner, took years for me to learn how to manipulate people).

I'm constantly fascinated about the way he is changing daily, its sort of like a biology lesson, the other day i suddenly realised that his hearing has improved to the extent where he is now able to identify individual sounds from the background noise, my mobile rang and he was extremely startled by the ring tone. We had to turn off the ringer on the phone in the bedroom as he now wakes up every time someone calls.

He is also going through what i like to call the 'drool stage'. Apparently babies start drooling a lot when they are about to grow teeth. I had read about it somewhere but i still wasn't prepared for the amount of drool, lets just say my shirt goes through another 'wash' anytime i'm with him.
Like wifey will say its all part of the 'joys of fatherhood'. Yeah right, but she didn't find it funny when he 'peed' all over her and i said its part of the joys of motherhood..

IBB spam mail

As if i don't get enough spam, some troll had to send me this:

to ijebuman
date Nov 14, 2006 6:16 PM

Fellow contrymen and women,i write to remind you of the fact that we are moving towards a new dispensation where we have to take into consideration the future of our children.
Yes,i agree that the incubent president,Rtd.Chief Olushegun Obasanjo has done a yeomans`s job in the last 7-8 years of his leadership and since he is getting ready to leave,we should not be greedily partisan and selfish to know that God has made IBB to be alife today to come and savour and complemement the good works of the incubent.
I am neither a politician or am i expecting to be but because of my patriotic nature and love for my country Nigeria,i plead with you all to join hands together to bring back the God sent ´messiah´Rtd General IBRAHIM BADAMOSI BABANGIDA.
I live far away from home but have been monitoring the political trends in my beloved country Nigeria.I am frommthe minority states of Edo(the heartbeat of Nigeia)but very versed with all the political happening in my country.

To you IBB,i want you to believe that the wish of God cannot be thwarted by a group of person or person,no matter what happens.You have been elected from heaven as the next president of Nigeria come 2007 and i advice you to beware of drinking any form of `tea`(Remember Tunde Idiagbon,MKO Abiola and others).
Though,my Bible tells me that he who Goid has ordained for a particular mission must succeeed in that mission and you have been ordained by the almighty God whose powers no foe can stand.
I love you my fellow country men and women and want them to remember that tomorrow might be your turn to rule,if you are qualified.
I will welcome all forms of constructive criticism as this is a part of the system we are operating.
Malik Osilama Isabemoh.
Barcelona Spain.

unfortunately i don't respond to trolls but hopefully some viagra, penile enlargement or 419 spammer will pick up his email address here and send him a truckload of spam..

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