Friday, May 12, 2006

Interesting Times (in Nigeria)

old Chinese saying (or curse?)
"May you live in interesting times”

I've been trying to stop myself from blogging about the whole third term brouhaha in Naija. Its not that i'm not concerned about the current events in the country, its just that to be honest i'm just bored, fed up, don't care, don't give a shit etc.
I'm kind of at that point where i'll rather just face the important things in my life than read about the shit happening in naija.

But you couldn't keep me away from naija news, so i had to laugh when i read the news story about the presidency revoking AIT's licence
Presidency revokes AIT's network licence

Senator Uche Chukwumerije on Tuesday said the Presidency has cancelled the Network Licence of Africa Independent Television (AIT) and has issued a 21-day ultimatum to the television station to vacate its Asokoro office in Abuja.

Addressing reporters at the end of debate on general principles of the amendment of the 1999 Constitution, Chukwumerije, who is Leader of the 2007 Movement said the cancellation is part of efforts to frustrate the ongoing debate in the senate over tenure extension.
He confirmed that an ultimatum had already been given to AIT to vacate its the Abuja office.

Chukwumerije also raised an alarm over a plot to remove Senate President Ken Nnamani over his insistence on following the rules in the course of the on-going debate.

Said Chukwumerije: "The 2007 Movement is outraged by the evident determination of the Presidency to violate all rules, reduce and contract our democratic space in order to get its immediate partisan goal of elongating its tenure of office. In the last two weeks, the Presidency has intensified violation of citizens' rights to freedom of speech and association through three-pronged attacks.

Even Shakespeare couldn't come up with the tragicomedy going on in Naija today. When the likes of Chukwumerije become democrats fighting against dictatorship, you gotta laugh. Unless i'm wrong he used to be IBB's mouthpiece or was it Abacha's, many moons ago. As information minister the guy was a complete joke, even worse than the former iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf AKA Comical Ali

but i digress
The issue in naija today is still the same as always, those who want to hold on to power or influence if the dictator stays on and those who will lose out if that happens.
Political alliances change so fast in Naija that i won't be surprised if Atiku changes his mind and then decides to support OBJ for a third term in the "interest of peace"

There's a cancer growing in that country and we need some serious chemotherapy (social revolution to get rid of the political idiots in power) to deal with it. I don't give a damn about third term, as long as we have the usual recycled politicians leading the country we're not going anywhere..

enough said


? said...

climate of fear that the government can clamp down anytime, very authoritarian indeed


? said...

anway, your photos of Mount Etna (Sicily Italy) are fantastic

ijebuman said...

thaks for ur comments

Imnakoya said...

Nigeria is indeed an interesting place.

AIT is not the only one feeling the heat of the 3rd term crap, Gen Danjuma who has enjoyed quite significant patronage from the present administration seem to have stepped on some toes by voicing out against the extension of Mr Obasanjo’s regime, he may loss some of the oil fields he was awarded by the government.

What I’ve found most interesting and somewhat ironical is the role of Chukumerije, who seem to have become the most vocal anti-3rd term proponent in the senate.

Mr Chukumerije was one of the major mouthpieces of the General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime in the 90’s and anyone in Nigeria during those times would, and should, remember the role Chukumerije played in thawing the desire of the Nigerian people.

Chukumerije, as the information Minster in those days, confused Nigerians through his lies, propaganda, and outlandish statements in support of General Babangida and against Moshood Abiola, the winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 elections.

Isn’t it amusing that he has found it convenient to have a reversal of conscience…maybe if he has more access to the presidential villa he wouldn’t be this vocal. One has to also remember that Chukumerije remains an IBB ally…and IBB wants to run in 2007!