Saturday, May 13, 2006

i'm lovin it

I'm lovin it

I'm talking about Youtube Its like Napster in 99 before it went all 'legal'.
In the last few weeks i've had the opportunity of seeing music videos i haven't seen in years. Shalamar's a night to remember, Kurtis Blow's Basketball, Klymaxx's meeting in the ladies room and Malcolm Mclaren's buffalo girls.

Watching these videos from way back reminds me of how much of a TV addict i was in the 80s. I think i was permanently glued to NTA2 Channel 5 and LWT (Lagos weekend TV, you couldn't touch this station when it came to showing pirated stuff ; ))

I know i'm probably going to come across like an old timer but i have to say the 80s was the best decade ever !!


Anonymous said...

Keep the funk alive....The 80s surely was the best decade in music

Feyikogbon said...

Ijebuman keep representing! The 80s were the bomb! Do you remember some of the TV shows? Mirror in the sun, Village Headmaster, Bassey and Company? The Adverts? Joy soap, Satin Sheen? The Hair styles: Tyson, Brothers Johnson? The Music: Rafiu Camoru, Evelyn King? The Dance steps: Moonwalking, Backslidding? OMG! Come on someone needs to write an article about going down memory lane.

Kush said...

All the videos in your article have been taken down now. Damn! Youtube is no longer like it was.

ijebuman said...

i'm lovin it no more...
unfortunately thats what happens when you become a multibillion dollar company.
I don't hang around youtube anymore as my account has been suspended for posting 'copyright' videos LOL (the bloody stuff i posted was recorded on my home video years ago). Anyway check out, its a french version of 'youtube'..