Saturday, May 09, 2009

Been So Long....

Ok so i took a "short" break from blogging at the end of last year and it turned out to be an extended break : - ). I'm not promising that i'm back to blogging full time but i will try not to stay away for too long. I might have been away from my blog but i still lurk around some of my favourite blogs - chxta, Akin, naijablog, nigerian curiousity et al, kudos to you guys for hanging in there unlike me lol..

I just returned from a trip to Naija (that’s a topic for another blog post), and one of the things i noticed while i was there is how much religion has completely taken hold of our way of life. 
It's not even funny anymore, the way things are going in Naija, another couple of decades and our traditional culture and way of life will have been completely swallowed up by the current madness parading itself as "religion". From the resident electoral commissioner in Ekiti state to our Information minister, no Nigerian is immune to this 'madness'. 
It has got to the level where people have started changing their traditional names to more "religious friendly names" (e.g Fayemi to Oluwayemi). 
Rant over..

Anyway on a lighter note, this dropped into my mail box the other day, enjoy.. (thanks to whoever compiled it)

Top ten Nigerian "Pentecostal" sayings

10. "We must pray and fast" (In Yoruba, "e kun fun aduaa").
Commonly used in times of tribulation such as Police/EFCC cases, looking for a husband or applying for a UK or US visa.

9. "This is my year of breakthrough" A new year's eve special. 
The ready-made lazy man's annual prayer whether or not he has put in an honest day's work the year before, and a popular headline at most money spinning end-of-year religious crusades.

8. "I thank God for your life"
Usually an acknowledgement or appreciation of a benefactor but you scratch your head to find a real meaning to this one. People just drop it anyhow, eg. "I saw Pastor Kososhi drive past me in his Hummer yesterday on Allen Avenue", Reply: "Oh, I thank God for his life".

7. "...but he's a Man of God"As in the old 'over-the-hill' 
Brother Jero Pastor who doesn't know how to toast women but secretly lusts after your wife/girlfriend in church. These are the "close your eyes, let us pray" guys who's always around to help or advice, waiting and hoping to take advantage of any misfortune to console his way into your woman's life.

6. "J.E.S.U.S."
Now very popular at Christian weddings across Nigeria as the newly-wed couple cut their cake. This has taken over from the evergreen "3,2,1...". Speaking of weddings, some wack MCs now blackmail the wedding guests by saying "If you want to live to see the new year, let me see your hands up", thus punishing them for not laughing at his dry jokes. Fear has become our God.

5. "I bind you..." (AKA "Holy Ghost Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!")
As in, put a curse on you, or threaten you with the wrath of God if you're deemed to be disturbing them for whatever reason. For example, against jobless guys who are proposing marriage, or the Landlord who has come to collect the rent after 8 months!

4. "The Devil is a liar!"
Often used right after surviving a ghastly auto accident, general misfortune, tripping over your children's toys or mistakenly dripping pepper soup on your favourite pink T.M. Lewin shirt!

3. "In the name of Jesus..."
Also abbreviated on Facebook as "IJN" or for maximum effect "in the MIGHTY name of Jesus!". Favourite end-of-sentence soundbite for most Prosperity Pastors on television.

2. "To God be the glory"
The last line of 99.9% of Nollywood films, and fast rising closing remarks at government / corporate seminars (usually just before they share the 'gbemu' in Ghana-must-go bags)

1. "It is well"
Self explanatory enough. Classic soundbite even if it is VERY OBVIOUS that it is not well.

And don't forget "It is not my portion" and "No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper"


Afrobabe said...

lmao..yes oh, it is well...

Nice Anon said...

hehehehehee. LMAO! You forgot to add "the Lord is on the throne!"

Akin said...

Hello Ijebuman,

That is a wonderful flypast, the sayings are interesting.

Imagine how much of a pagan must have thought I was when I gave a speech at a 50th birthday celebration without any of the obligatory religious genuflection.

Hope to see you around more.



ijebuman said...

ROFL guys, thanks, great to be back..

Waffarian said...

Welcome back, we just thank God!

Ms. Catwalq said...

My dear, this has been going on for years. u cannot imagine how ridiculous it all sounds to those of us who are not christians...

Fear is our currency of trade man...
so what did you bring for me

Chxta said...

Someone please give the Lord a wiper. He came back...

ababoypart2 said...

Ijebu - Welcome back oo....Gotta share this on my fb....awesome

ijebuman said...

lol @ Chxta, Ms Catwalq, unfortunately Customs took all the 'food stuff' ; - )
@ Ababoy, hope you return to blogging soon


It was Holy Ghost fyah that brought you here to update!!! Amin, amin, amin ni oruko Jesu, amin!

Don't mind me, oh. This thing about Nigerian religion and the extremes it can reach is definitely interesting. Just had a related conversation witha close friend last night.

Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours, and don't just read the blogs, participate in the discussions!


hoping all is well with your family and yourself


happy 2010 to you and yours.