Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back to life

I'm back!!! Not that i went anywhere... it has just been an extremely busy month for me because i was off sick for a while.
anyhoo it's back to my usual cynical self, unfortunately i missed a few funny news stories doing the rounds last month;

Two "Visions" disagree over Yardy’s fate

Lagos state Reps Launch new 419 scheme

There's something fishy going on

BA, where is my Fucking bag?
was the question one of my friends was asking a few days ago as British Airways new Heathrow terminal T5, went into melt down.
It seems the whole thing has turned into another British cock-up, makes you wonder how the brits managed to colonise the rest of us? ; )

The Great 'Black' hype
I was hoping i wasn't going to make any comments on the two US democratic party presidential hopefuls till one of them was out of the race. Is it just me or is there anyone out there equally as bored with the current media hysteria over everything Obama, the whole race is gradually turning into an episode of American idol..

I must have missed something, but when did Obama go from being Mixed race to black? if he lived in Kenya i doubt anyone there will regard him as black (in most of Africa mixed race people are regarded as White). In race conscious America, Obama is black only because one of his parents is black, and now the media has turned him into the Great 'black' hype.



Well race in America is a little complex and historically has followed a one-drop rule where a drop of black blood makes you black.

As for Africa, do you really think mixed people are treated white? They might get preferential treatment on account of their 'light' complexion but treated white? really? Didn't think so, but I'm not mixed so maybe a mixed/metise/half caste could explain better.

Welcome back.


ijebuman said...


i did say 'Regarded' not 'Treated' as white, which is a different thing entirely. Mixed race people may be regarded as white, for example in naija they might call them 'oyibo'.


@ ijebuman: hmm, I wonder still because in Nigeria, one need only be a little lighter than most to be called oyibo or treated differently. Having a drop of white in you doesn't matter in those situations.

Anyway, welcome back, again.

ababoypart2 said...

Bros - welcome back. I was beginning to wonder.... There's been a mass exodus of some sort on blogland. The T5 meltdown...na wah..dont worry, it will soon be the fault of immigrants!

Anonymous said...

its from slave trade era o..once you have a drop of black blood you are BLACK and still a slave!!so the mentality continued!!(sadly still continues)

Uzo said...

The T5 debacle? I still cant believe it..read today that BA has drafted Fedex in to help clear the over 20,000 bags disconnected from their owners...Sad

ijebuman said...

thanks guys