Friday, February 22, 2008

Battling blogger's block

We all get it from time to time, fellow bloggers will know what i'm talking about, the dreaded 'blogger's block'. I have had it for the past few weeks. There's just been so much happening offline, meaning i'm spending less time online.

Reversal of a reversal
I wanted to blog about the 'reversal' of the Nitel sale but then i reversed my decision to blog about it when the whole thing was reversed again.
Is anyone sensing a pattern to the way this government works - go slow, reverse, forward then reverse again. It's official, Yardy IS a learner driver.
Not much has been happening in Naija lately, as in stuff that gets my blood boiling or the positive stuff that gets you thinking about the future, a future where our kids grow up in the land of their ancestors as opposed to the land of their oppressors.

But i digress
Next tuesday Yardy will find out if he will remain in Aso rock. Now, unless you're Buhari or his other deluded partner - Atiku, Its clearly a no-brainer, Yardy (or Yawn'Adua as i like to call him) will still be in Aso rock next week.
Mr "Due process" has been learning a few tricks from his master, Obj (Anyone remember that nice move from Obj, when he suddenly declared a public holiday to delay the Supreme Court ruling on whether Atiku could take part the elections).
Yardy's move has been far more subtle.
Anyway, far from me to cast aspersions on the "integrity" of our President, but i did find it strange that the Chairman of the Presidential Elections Tribunals, Justice James Ogebe was nominated as a Supreme Court judge a few days ago.
Really makes you wonder if the rumours of bribery attempts are true.

100 Worst Nigerians
There is a thread running on NVS where contributors are asked to nominate the worst Nigerians, so far it seems Obj, Abacha and IBB are running neck in neck for the top spot.
May the worst man win.

Just in,
Man found guilty of model's death
A man has been found guilty of murdering teenage model Sally Anne Bowman outside her home. The 18-year-old's body was found next to a skip in Croydon, south London, in September 2005.

There are times i wish the UK government will bring back the death penalty, this case has gripped the local press (and recently the National press) in my neck of the woods.
It seems the jury did not buy his defence of not knowing his victim was dead until after he stopped having sex with her corpse.


Omodudu said...

I do not feel guilty about those anymore. i actually soak my offline..blogless days up...I even fool myself that I am done with blogging..but I always return with more stuff to yap about. Take it easy.

ababoypart2 said...

IJMan - We are taking bets on whether Yardy will still be in power after Tuesday. Its 2/7 that he will, and 7/1 that he wouldnt. Like you said it may be a no-brainer. I agree with restoring the death penalty for certain crimes especially this one (Sally Ann)


Oh please, on the last day of hearings, Yardy's 'supporters' showed up on mass at the Tribunal. All sorts of thuggish goons and their better dressed counterparts, or as Fela so eloquently called them, animals in human skin.

Sof'ly, sof'ly Yardy and his friends know what they are doing. The world is watching.

Chxta said...

Nigerians and our love for conspiracy theories. We have all forgotten that in Naija you can only be nominated to a Supreme Court position by your peers in the judiciary, the same judiciary who is hacking governors left, right and centre...

ijebuman said...

"We have all forgotten that in Naija you can only be nominated to a Supreme Court position by your peers in the judiciary"

true, but the timing is extremely suspicious considering whats at stake.