Friday, June 22, 2007

Hanging on to his L Plates

Yar'Adua still hanging on to his L plates
Sorry i haven't posted in a while, just like our new presido Yar'Adua, i've been taking a well deserved break. Talking about Yar'Adua, i have to agree with Aba boy, the man deserves his nickname "Alhaji go slow".

Someone should wake him up, its like 24 days already or does the man think he was "selected" to sleep and eat 'fura de nunu' in Aso rock.
I've been hearing the usual excuses "he is taking his time" or "he is not rushing into things". Please stop!! My peeps we have to stop making tired excuses, Yar'Adua did not become president on May 29, he became president the minute Obj decided he should become PDP's presidential candidate. So he has had all that time to prepare, the handover on May 29 was a mere formality.

Project naija needs a hands-on 'project manager' that will hit the ground running not some guy 'taking his time'. At this rate, his term will be over by the time he gets round to actually implementing any policy.

Meanwhile, while i was on my Yar'Adua break, Andy Uba was removed from office by the Supreme court. I have to commend whoever updated his wikipedia entry , it was updated almost immediately after the judgement was announced. His website - is now conveniently "offline" : - )

here's a funny one off oyibosonline
Things You'd Wish To Hear While In Nigeria...

here are a few of the best ones:

"It's totally my fault, no one else was involved, I take full responsibility"

"Welcome to our country" (without the usual 'waitin you bring come for us')

"Have a nice trip sir,, no, you don't have to dash me, I'm just doing my job..."

"Ok thank you sir, here's ur driving license and registration papers back, all seems in order, you may leave"

"Yes sir, I have credit on my phone"

"No thank you sir/madam. Please do not give me money. I am just doing my job"

"Apologies for being a little early for our meeting. Don't worry, I'll wait in reception"

"No, I do not mind forming a queue as I came here after you..."

"Sorry did not mean to flash you, of course we can talk using my credit"

"Don't worry, we can get u to any of the nearest hospitals and they'll be able to fix u up"

"We are going to have a party/night vigil tonight. We might be a bit noisy but dont worry, we will close before midnight."

"He is ON seat!"

"On today's financial news, the Naira is now 1 to 1 with the British pound"


ababoypart2 said...

Welcome back Ijebuman. I am inclined to agree with one of the comments on my blog which said that Malam Umaru might just be out of his depth...

Anonymous said...

A better excuse for snail-moving Umoru inaction, might be that he is hooked up to a dialysis machine for his kidney failure condition. Or how else can one explain that, for 3 weeks now, an imposed Nigeria President have not moved a muscle. Not even to right the wrong of the back handed parting gift of fuel hike by his master, OBJ.
Anywayz, all Naija's should endeavour to tighten their belt, beacsue this is going to be one hell of a slow ride(govt) for the next for 4 years!!!

Esther Garvi said...

Those comments were so right on! You had me right at the "Welcome to our country." What's with all the grim faces, really? I once posted on a previous blog that smiles were wasted... Just haven't figured out why yet!

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly!

Jeremy said...

very funny.