Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am laughing

sElection 2007(35 days(state)/42 days(federal) to go)
part of a series of blog entries on the Nigerian elections in April 2007.

Now laughing after ''exhibiting symptoms of catarrh''

So it seems Yar'Adua did not die as the rumour mongers hoped. I bet Obj almost had a heart attack, you could tell he was really pissed off as he 'described the rumour mongers as satanic'

According to the Sun (Nigeria's trashy tabloid paper)
Obj (obviously frothing at the mouth at this stage) also lambasted those alleging that he had known all along that Yar’Adua would not last a year in office, saying
"They are wicked. Anybody saying that is a child of satan. How can anybody say somebody will die on a particular day? They even said that I was dead in far away Ghana. They are wicked,"

Obj seemed to be in a better mood later in the day at a PDP rally in Abeokuta when he spoke to Yar'Adua on the phone, The Punch had excerpts of the telephone discussion:

Obasanjo: 'Umaru [Yar'Adua] are you dead?'
Yar'Adua: 'I am alive'
Obasanjo: 'What are you doing?'
Yar'Adua: 'I am laughing.'
The President, looking directly at the crowd: 'He is laughing ha! ha!! ha!!!'"

You gotta love that country, its so tragic it's funny. No wonder Nigeria is the happiest country on earth...


Nilla said...

It's so hard believing things these days...

Dami said...

what kinda conversation is that?? between grown up men for that matter!! bloody hell in falling off my chair

are you dead?
"what are you doing?"
"he said he is laughing" lmao

I love that country!!!