Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Real Story indeed..

UK bank details sold in Nigeria
Bank account details belonging to thousands of Britons are being sold in West Africa for less than £20 each, the BBC's Real Story programme has found.
It discovered that fraudsters in Nigeria were able to find internet banking data stored on recycled PCs sent from the UK to Africa.

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I watched the Real story (the source of this news story) on BBC1 yesterday and its amazing how far this news story is from the actual truth. The program did not show any 'evidence' that 'Nigerian fraudsters' found any bank details on used PCs and if it was used. What the program discovered was that hard disks bought in Lagos had deleted personal data on them.
The data could only be retrieved by using specialist hard disk tools. The reporter had to take the hard disks to a data specialist in Switzerland to retrieve the personal information used on the program.

Methinks the BBC gives 'Nigerian fraudsters' too much credit, recovering deleted files takes time and specialised software, then what guarantee do the 'fraudsters' have that they'll find any meaningful data.
It seems the BBC was out to do a hatchet job on Nigeria for the sake of getting a news headline and cheap publicity for a crappy show.

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Chxta said...

Is it fair to blame Nigeria for the world's fraud woes?

No (http://chxta.blogspot.com/2006/07/is-it-fair-to-blam-e-nigeria-for.html). But then most people are content to just sit back and take what the media tell them without going out to do some research...