Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blue Collar Lawman: the story of Nigeria's "independence"

omelettes cannot be made without breaking eggs. - English saying

Its explosive, its captivating and i spent the better part of today reading through the site.

Blue Collar Lawman is the account of Harold 'Sean' Smith (a former British Government senior civil servant) and recounts the events (1955 - 60) leading up to Nigeria's independence

This is the story of evil committed by kind, nice, decent British politicians. They sought to keep Britain from bankruptcy and found a solution in the mineral-rich Empire on the point of independence. It was necessary to bend the rules and, sadly, in due course the rules were totally forgotten. Those who got in the way were innocent like the colonial peoples, but both had to be dealt with quite harshly.

To leave friends in charge of Nigeria in our absence was surely prudent. The local people chose hothead politicians and it was our duty to outwit them. The loss of one or two lives is all we can truly comprehend. An expedient Whitehall decision is calm and deliberate and the risks if ever considered must be small and, of course, anonymous.

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Thanks for the link. I have just printed a copy, and it should keep me busy in this hot weather.