Thursday, January 19, 2006

In the News: Nigeria to outlaw same-sex unions

I don't know what the Nigerian government is 'outlawing' as none of our existing laws allows same sex unions. Seems like a corrupt and unpopular government trying to tap into people's revulsion at same sex unions in other parts of the world.

The part that concerns me is certain aspects of the law that imposes a five year jail term on anyone 'aiding and supporting' a same sex relationship. Its a very slippery slope when we allow the government to enact morality laws. Malaysia comes to mind where the prime minister and his deputy had a big political fall out and then the deputy was later imprisoned on some trump up charges of sodomy.

Nigerians in their usual myopic way of looking at issues, seem not to be aware of the wider implications of this law. To make matters worse the 'religious ayahtollahs' seem to have hijacked the whole debate, so all logic has been thrown out the window...
I'm not a supporter of same sex union but if 2 consenting adults wanna 'get freaky' wetin concern government inside.
This is the same country where there are hardly any laws protecting children from child abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, child trafficking etc. They can't even enforce the current laws we have, i wonder how they expect to enforce this one..

Quote: "On the surface, evil looks attractive" - Anon.

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