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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Times are changing... 

There used to be a time when the only crime committed by Nigerians in the UK was fraud but it seems things are changing...

From the Evening Standard:
Jailed for raping and imprisoning young women

Four men who imprisoned and brutally raped two young women in a Clapham flat were jailed today.
Idris Adeokun, 22, from Crownstone Road, Brixton, Emmanuel Garrick, 24, of Tessa Sanderson Place, Clapham, were both found guilt of imprisoning and raping two young women at Garrick's home on February 21 and 23 last year.

They were both sentenced to an indeterminate sentence of a minimum of seven years for the attacks.
James Olanrewaju, 20, of Sultan Road, Brixton, was found guilty of two counts of rape and one count of false imprisonment relating to February 21 last year. He was given an indeterminate sentence and will not be eligible for parole for six years.

full story
Jailed for raping and imprisoning young women

100 million iPods

So the iPod has hit the 100 million sales mark, apparently last year's report about abuses at several of Apple's chinese factories has not dented sales of the ipod.

I don't have an iPod as i refuse to be seduced by Apple's marketing gimmick. As far as i'm concerned it's just another 'glorified MP3 player' and don't get me started on the price which i think is outrageous, but Apple (especially its marketing dept) must be doing something right if people are prepared to pay that amount of money just to get one.

posted by ijebuman  # 11:51 pm
True, bros. I guess we are diversifying, if that’s the right word for it
This must be a new breed, they are hardly 25 (Post-1980 kids) and seem to have this hormonal explosion of aggressive sex with women - they should be banged up forever.

iI must iSay iDon't have a iPoxy iPod.
I tempi sono cambiato, i tempi sono cambiato
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