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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OBJ, A True National Leader 

Obj playing the African nationalist, while his own House is on fire

So the question is, how will all this play out. Obj has put himself in a tight spot, with violence erupting in various states as a result of the elections, an emboldened opposition demanding the election is postponed and the previous election cancelled, the islamic threat in the far north, the usual wahala in the delta and the US urging him to ensure the next elections are "free and fair and conducted in an atmosphere free of violence".

For someone who wanted history to remember him as the man who "saved Nigeria", i doubt he ever thought things could turn out this way. His options now are quite limited and all he can do is to try and 'save face' so he can at least retire and spend his 'loot' in peace.

Obj has always wanted to be remembered as a "national" leader, well he is now, as in almost everyone in the country now hates him. That's not an easy achievement in multi ethnic, multi religious, multi everything Nigeria. Even in his backyard - Abeokuta, praise for him is muted. Abacha, horrible as he was, still had support in his hometown...

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posted by ijebuman  # 4:48 pm
OBJ has had more chances than the proverbial cat, but if he is not careful, he runs the risk of becoming a national figure of hate. Or is he that already?

p.s. you used to have a soul2soul playlist on the web, what happened to it?
'you used to have a soul2soul playlist on the web, what happened to it?'

its still there, the old domain expired. http://naijaman.f2o.org/bcast/playlist.htm
hey there! really enjoy your views.......tanx for that post on idols. Funny..never knew such was going on in naija... Checked on youtube and can't help but laff....found one chap though who's got talent, Eric...i think he's great..
Looking forward to more posts. gr8 job u doing...
Thanks Man..
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