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Monday, April 30, 2007

Obj's CRIBs 

Today's post comes courtesy of Grandiose Parlor (Imnakoya). There's an interesting post on the blog called 'A Presidential Servant' about Dare Obasanjo's (one of Obj's many many pikins) trip to naija for his dad's 70th birthday last month.
Dare is a techie and has kindly uploaded all the pics of the bash to flickr http://flickr.com/photos/carnage4life/sets/72157600155828724/55828724/

Imnakoya's post is about the pic below which Dare captions with the following statement “
One of the servants sitting down on the bed of his one room apartment. You can see the entire apartment in this shot.”


methinks Dare may soon remove some of the pics so i've downloaded it for una.

We should thank Dare (AKA Carnage4Life) for giving us mere mortals (or is it "servants") a glimpse of Aso rock, like i didn't know the place had a zoo, the zoo self get lion (quite handy as the presido can always throw any of his pesky opponents to the lions).

Kai even the giraffe looks better fed than most naijas lol

Anyway here are some of the other pics i found

According to Dare, this is
'The presidential car. This car only carries the president of Nigeria.'


And here's the famous presidential chopper, the one Obj uses to avoid using the horrible deathtrap that passes for roads in Nigeria

According to Dare 'Members of my dad's security detail hanging out taking turns playing checkers'

surely this must be a security breach LOL, not only has Dare shown us the presidential 'copter (NAF 541), the presidential benz (which we now know ONLY carries the presido), he has even shown us his dad's security details (they're not really playing checkers they're practising security strategies)

posted by ijebuman  # 12:31 pm
Thanks for the plug. I thought the pics won't last on site, good idea to download them.

There are hardly any functioning zoos in Nigeria...It is fascinating to see the wildlife running lose on the president's backyard. How can Mr president justify having this treat only to himself, children and visitors?
I find this so disturbing. I have just developed a raised HBP.
The pictures of the servants, the bodyguards, and the chef.....

Dare and his ilk should remember that the President is the servant of the people. His job is to serve them and not Lord over them - He needs a re-education
I'm amused. Why would I take the pictures down?
Let be fair here. Dare put up those pix in the first place. But hey at the same time if feel kinda good to take jabs at the presidents child. LOL. Did you read his post about Bill Gates, I was like what, wasn't he scared about getting fired, for that last jab.
Everybody is fair game in the blogosphere.

@Dare Obasanjo
you're a good sport ojare, not that it will matter if you took the pics down ; )
@Dare, you be better person jare. The servant jibe is a not ok with me but I always love your techrants!
that servants room is bigger than most servants room i have ever seen in 9ja o..i am surethe servant would rather live there than go back to his village
I think the servant picture speaks volumes - it simply means the "working class" in Nigeria do not get a living wage - his mattress was on the floor, and not a chair in sight, I would not go on about everyday amenities of the West that would be luxuries in Nigeria.

The security detail seem in some open area rather than a high-tech office (My Western naivety getting the better of me here), their seeming preparedness is palpable.

I remember us having servants when I was growing up and they definitely had better conditions than I see depicted - my parents who were in their late 20s and going into their 30s saw the 2 younger ones through secondary school even after they had left our employ, the houseboy who was a lot older they saw though polytechnic.

They had this principle that anyone who worked for us would be given the opportunity to aspire to their kind of status.
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