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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let the sElections begin.. 

obj countdown

And so the elections begin, no doubt the elections will be ‘flawed’ but lets face it a ‘free and fair election’ in our part of the world would be nothing short of a miracle with our level of political development. Our politicians don’t understand the concept of ‘living to fight another day’ so when they lose they start throwing their toys out of the pram.

It’s hard to be optimistic about the end result of this election. How can a corrupt system produce anything but a corrupt leader ? But we don’t really have an alternative; all we can hope for is that the election is credible enough for us to live with.

Personally I’m quite interested in the outcome of the “elections” in Lagos and Oyo states. It’ll be quite interesting to see whether the good people of Lagos will allow that idiot called Tinubu to impose his candidate on them.

And in Oyo state, if the people will allow that old scarecrow Adedibu to hold them to ransom by imposing Akala as governor or if they will finally free themselves from his oppressive power.

The real meaning of PDP

NL has a funny thread about the various meanings of PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) Nigeria's ruling party
Here's a list of the best ones so far:

People Distributing Poverty
Poverty Distribution Party
People Destroying People
People Disappoint People
People's Destruction Party
Papa'sanjo's Deceitful Party
Pigs Demanding Power
Power Drunk politicians
Politically Desperate Parasites
Pain Distribution Party
People Depraved Party
People's Demonic Party
Politicians Deceiving Populace


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