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Sunday, April 15, 2007

PDP Decides 

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable...."

Nigeria PDP Decides

While NTA has called its election coverage Nigeria Decides, the reality on the ground is that the ruling party -PDP has already decided who won the "elections".

The results of the state elections has started trickling in and our worst fears have been confirmed. There has been widespread rigging on an unprecedented scale. INEC as usual was completely unprepared, which was not exactly surprising. (see top ten signs)
Maurice Iwu (INEC Chairman) was on NTA (i would have used this opportunity to say thanks to BEN TV for hooking up to the NTA network yesterday but as usual they messed up by cutting to another programme halfway through Iwu's verbal vomit) claiming INEC has "done well in this election, and nobody should take our success away from us, the process so far has been wonderful"

whatever drugs this guy is on i want some of it. LOL

If yesterday's election is an indicator of what will happen in the presidential election next week then its safe to say that any administration sworn in after Obj gets his old ass out of Aso rock will not finish its term. If there's a constant factor in Nigeria's embarrassing history, a fraudulently elected government never lasts long.

somewhere out there like a hurricane forming out in the sea, a violent revolution is brewing....


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