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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sharm el sheikh 

I'm in Egypt, in the desert holiday resort of sharm el sheikh. I'm here for the rest of the week but before you think i'm on holiday, this is a work related trip ; - )
Just saw our "president elect" Umaru Yar'adua on CNN earlier today and i just can't convince myself that this guy is our next president, he just seemed so scared like a rabbit caught in the glare of the headlights of a car thats about to run it over...

posted by ijebuman  # 8:46 pm
Don't worry, if he gets run over, we have Goodluck and if he survives, he has goodluck - win-win :-)

Working-holiday my foot.
lol @ being scared as a rabbit....who would you have preferred?
LOL, it is a 'working holiday' as in i have to attend a conference as well ; )

thats the thing, its really hard to choose, probably Buhari (not that i like him), but i'll say he's probably the best out of a bad bunch.
Green with envy on you being in Egypt...I'd gladly trade places.
Have a safe stay!
I have not seen much of the presido-elect but the little I have seen of him he looks like a puppet and a yesman...he does not look like someone who can shoulder the daunting task of leading a country like Nigeria
Just 'found' your blog and I like your sense of humor
@ Ijebuman
But choosing Buhari means encouraging RECYCLING of leaders (former military one for that matter).

I think the only problem I have with Yar'adua is Sharia.....and I hope he's health gets better.
Unfortunately if we had more credible candidates, then Buhari will probably be the last person i'll choose.
I've seen Yar'adua on TV and his body language is just not right, as in i don't see the confidence of someone capable of ruling Nigeria.
He is not too exposed to the rest of the country and he was the governor of a state that probably has more cows than people.
So what exactly is his political experience to rule over 140 million people.
He and Goodluck are just two lucky souls who have allowed themselves to be used as Obj's pawns in his desperate attempt to remain relevant after may 29
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