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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

British Airways...Latest 

It seems our government has finally woken up
From the Nigerian Guardian

Yar'Adua orders probe of British Airways incident

PRESIDENT Umaru Musa Yar'Adua has directed the Minister of State for Transportation (Aviation), Mr Felix Hyatt, to begin an urgent investigation into a March 27, 2008 incident in which British Airways (BA) allegedly ordered more than 100 Nigerians off its London to Lagos flight "for protesting against the brutal treatment of a deportee aboard."

Yar'Adua, who is in Germany for a medical review, asked Hyatt to take all necessary measures and protect "the travelling public from the humiliation they face daily from foreign airlines."
A source told The Guardian that the President had seen reports of the incident from the British media, expressing "disgust" at the "seeming non-chalant attitude of BA officials."

He, therefore, directed that since the minister has not forwarded any report of the incident to his office, he should be formally written to investigate the incident and report back to him.
The source added: "The President is said to be concerned by the recent resurgence of complaints about the poor treatment, discrimination and downright abuse meted out to Nigerians by some foreign airlines operating in the country.

"The President has also directed the minister to make it absolutely clear to all foreign airlines operating in Nigeria that under no circumstance will his administration tolerate the subjection of Nigerian passengers to less than acceptable standards of treatment."

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posted by ijebuman  # 6:56 am
While I am pleased that our government has decided to respond, I am less than satisfied for the following reasons:
1) For a government that claimed (Ojo Maduekwe on his appointment as Foreign Minister) that the welfare of Nigerian citizens regardless of where they may be is its priority, the response came too late to be taken seriously.
2) It isn't a strong enough response. Why can't they suspend all BA flights to Nigeria pending the completion of the investigation? That action alone would send very strong signals that we are a people not to be fucked around with.
While it is a late reaction, at least we got one. Let's hope BA don't just smirk and bin the letter...
Boycott is agood idea, hit them where it hurts, but I doubt 'my peoples' dedication to the cause. Imagine if BA starts a summer bonanza for N10,000 return to London. You will be amazed how quickly it becomes every man for himself... BTW I tagged you so check my blog.
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