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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another one of those WTF moments... 

also see things that make you go WTF

In the News:

Abraham Adesanya's Burial to Gulp N150m

THE funeral ceremonies for the late leader of the pan-Yoruba socio- cultural group, Afenifere, will gulp over N150 million as each governor of the six South- Western states is to contribute N25 million toward the burial.

Spending 150 million Naira (appx $1.3 million, £670,000) on a funeral is just for lack of a better word, CRAZY!!!.
Apart from being the leader of NADECO (during Abacha's regime) i can't think of anything else Adesanya did to warrant such a 'lavish' funeral. If his family wants to spend 150 million Naira to bury him, that's their own prerogative, but why should money better spent on schools, roads and hospitals be used to celebrate his death ?

God knows what will happen when the "strong man" of Ibadan Lamidi Adedibu eventually kicks the bucket...

An Ijebu state??

My attention has been drawn to an article titled "The Creation Of A New State For The Ijebus" on Nigeria Village Square. Now, as an 'expert' on all things Ijebu, the other half keeps telling me i'm not because i was born, well ehem somewhere else.. , anyway thats just bad bellics, even if an Ijebu was born on the moon, na Ijebu.. . Akin take note ; - )
but i digress, we don't need a bloody state what we want is the return of our kingdom (Ijebu Kingdom).

We have those pesky Brits to thank for destroying a great kingdom. The Ijebu monopoly on the trade routes between Lagos and Ibadan led to the Battle of Yemoja River in 1892, as the Ijebus don't like to fight (we're lovers oops sorry 'traders' not fighters) it turned out to be a very short fight with the Brits. It seems our 'jazz' (our homegrown juju) doesn't work that well against Maxim guns.

But seriously who really wants an Ijebu state, apart from thieving politicians looking for relevance and other avenues to divert government funds into their own pockets.

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posted by ijebuman  # 12:18 pm
My brother. Na so we am o. People never chop, them wan waste 150 million on top dead body.

I am an Ijebuman through and through, I am an Englishman through and through.

I am the Otunba and the Osiba of the Ijebu Kingdom.

In fact, I am proud to be a part of the most sophisticated section of the Yoruba tribe, but I do not think we need a state, then Remo would think it can claim equality with Ijebu - an abomination at the least.
if you are the Otunba and the Osiba of the Ijebu Kingdom
then i must be a direct descendant of the Queen of Sheba : - )

Archaeologists find clues to Queen of Sheba in Ijebu Land
What gives these people the right to donate government money to the funeral of a private individual? As I always say where did we find these people we elected(if we actually did).

The traditional institution in Nigeria has been so corrupted I think they should be ignored, they all sell all types of ridiculous titles to rich people with money. The traditional institutions they are supposed to be protecting they now refer to as evil and unholy hence our cultural values and activities are dying out and losing significance.
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