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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sounds like Lagos.. 

"Many people are not familiar with the mechanism of a car and how it will react in certain situations"[snip]

'..is the product of a startlingly reckless driving culture where basic rules such as speed limits, right of way and braking distance go unheeded. Cutting up fellow drivers is a given, as is veering into the wrong lane with vehicles rushing head-on towards you. A motorists who misses a motorway turn-off will simply reverse back to it, against the hurtling traffic.'

sounds a lot like Lagos but apparently its Tehran

Ahmadinejad's new mission: taming Tehran's traffic
President takes time off from baiting the west to berate Iran's deadly drivers


posted by ijebuman  # 1:26 pm
yeah, they drive like that in houston too.

man, i was in kuwait once and i could not believe there were people passing us on the left (service lane) going 80 - 90 mph.

that was the wildest thing i have ever seen.
=) T mentioned to me last night that there's a commercial for a mustang (car)where the driver goes to europe to drive on the autobahn and the caption is something like...'you couldn't find a car u liked in germany...and the punch line is something like...'no i couldn't find a speed limit i liked in america!'


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