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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The "Others" 

The others
If you're a fan, you'll know the group i'm talking about. The Others are the mysterious inhabitants of the fictional island in the American television series' Lost'. No one knows who they are, their true motives or agenda.

Back in the day, Seinfeld was one of my favourite shows on TV, it was also one of the most popular TV programs of the 1990s. The DVD collection for season 7 was released this week, normally i wouldn't have noticed but i did notice due to the publicity generated by one of the stars of the show, Michael Richards (who played Kramer on the show).
Apparently he launched into a 3 minute racist tirade at a couple of black hecklers at a comedy
club last friday. Unfortunately for him it was recorded and posted on youtube

Here's a brief transcript of what he said:

'Shut up, 50 years ago we'll have you upside down with a fork up your ass
you can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherfucker
throw his ass out, he's a nigger, he's a nigger, he's a nigger
look there's a nigger'

the full clip

Richards has since apologised describing his outburst as one of "pure rage". In a statement he said "I'm deeply, deeply sorry... I'm not a racist. That's what's so insane about this."

Yeah right, we heard the same crap from Mel Gibson when he had diarrhoea of the mouth and made anti-Semitic remarks and not too long ago from Ron Atkinson after calling Chelsea player Marcel Desailly,"a fucking lazy thick nigger"

Why and what is Richards apologising for? its not as if he didn't mean what he said. The only reason he is apologising is because it got posted all over youtube, and the media picked up the story. It wasn't as if anyone cared, Richards still performed at the club the following night but because of the bad publicity the club has since stated that he is no longer welcome at the venue.

I don't even understand why anyone was shocked. Wake-up call, there are a lot of people out there who hate black people and there are a lot of people out there who share his views (some people in the audience were still laughing at what he was saying)

I have my own theory about it, you never truly know someone, until you've seen them angry or drunk. Once the layers of control is removed as a result of the intoxicating effects of alcohol or the effects of anger, the true person shows up (rather than their PR spokesperson) and sometimes the "real person" can be really scary and ugly.
I remember a couple of years ago i went out with some colleagues from work, we had a few drinks, and I then had to listen to the worst racist crap I had ever heard in my life. When i couldn't take it anymore i left. The shocking thing about that incident was not the racist comments; it was the 'silence' from the others who heard it, like the Richards incident some even found it funny.

Hiding behind political correctness
The whole 'Political Correctness' thing is creating a situation where people just suppress their true feelings. From time to time they find other avenues to express them, e.g. at elections.
I'm far more comfortable with the likes of Nick Griffin and his BNP posse; at least we know where they stand. They make no excuses about their hatred of foreigners (besides the BNP has promised to send all foreigners back to their home country for free and pay them a lump sum, i heard its around 20k, hey thats enough money to make me a chief in ijebuland lol)

Its the 'others' i'm concerned about, are they hiding their true feelings because it is politically correct to do so?

posted by ijebuman  # 12:34 pm
Like you I prefer overt racism as that way you know where you stand. The covert racist invite you to interviews and smile to you face but laugh once you leave the room. God save us.
quite frankly i'm sick over all this attention this dude is getting. a year ago and he was nobody...well ok he's kramer but thats my point, we only cared about kramer not F***ing mike richards. he makes a couple inflammatory statements about black folks and he becomes a VIP. well surprise, there are actual rascists out there, bush legalised flying the confederate flag, the KKK has a website and still holds meetings, i still can't get a F***cking cab in new york. i say whatever, if he's sorry, good for him, if he really is rascist, he's got friends in high places.
don't agree with you opinion though that you know people's true selves when they are angry and/or drunk. well, i would suppose being angry and drunk brings out the worst in people but it also makes for irrational behavior. funny situation, my friend, drunk enough to bleed rum, once faked humping a dog. damn i'd hate to think he's into bestiality.
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