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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In the News: Big Brother Nigeria goes on air

The BB phenomenon hits naija, should be interesting, shame i won't have the opportunity to actually see it. Not that i'm a BB fan, although i did watch the first UK series when it first started just to see what all the fuss was about. My interest in the Nigerian version is purely for sociological reasons. ; - ) It'll be a great opportunity to see how Nigerians react in such an intense environment.

Anyway i suppose its a great opportunity for the contestants. I mean the prize money (equivalent to about 14 million Naira) will definitely make a lot of difference to whoever wins. I'm not too sure i'll want to win that kind of money in such a setting. Every fraudster from Calabar to Sokoto will want a piece of the action.
Looking at the profiles of all the contestants, noticed two fellow Pisceans called Francisca and Frank, and i'm already hoping either of them wins.

I did find it funny that to watch it online you have to pay $20 dollars, yeah right like thats going to happen....

Quote: "Hate is love minus the facts" - anon

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posted by ijebuman  # 4:02 pm
big up biggie, honestly spaking big brother naija is 100 times better than big bro uk├želebrity or even just big bro africa were we had cherise every one is so real and the backstabbing well!!!!!!!! thats wat makes me stay glued to my t.v.
joan,well wat is there to say about her that woman has got her strategy set out right she's luvie dovie wit chinedu but gossips abou him.(the things we'd do for 14 million nira
ebuka.plian old sexy no nominations you go boy
francisca.when you come out of biggies house come join my modelling agency in zambia
ify.sometimes cute and loveable i bet she n ebuka will get on watch how they stare at each other....as for the rest i love you off
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