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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Celebrating what is positive about Nigeria 

Naija rocks???

Its surprising how much a lot of us complain and never really talk about the positive things in Nigeria. An alien from outer space will think Nigeria is the worst place on earth going by the stuff written in the media, blogosphere and the many nigerian forums on the net.
It's understandable, a lot of us are very passionate about the country and find it hard to understand why Nigeria is the way it is.

So to make up for all the negativity around, here's my TOP 10 list of the positive things about Nigeria

1. Nigeria is still one entity despite the many ethnic and religious crises throughout its history. (think its not a big deal, it could be a lot worse look at similar African countries like Sudan, Somalia and the Congo).

2. The outstanding citizens the country has produced (Fela, Tai Solarin, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka etc)

3. Our national football team (i'm not into football but even i get excited when our team plays)

4. Our rich history and culture (just check out the art from Benin)

5. The community spirit still prevalent in many parts of the country.

6. The entrepreneurial spirit in Nigerians (the private sector is truly alive in the country and if the government creates the right environment, the private sector can definitely turn the country around)

7. Nollywood (yeah this is a controversial one but i still it see it as a positive)

8. The Music (from Afro beat to Juju to Apala, or is it Highlife you want we've got it)

9. The organic foods (when your taste buds have been assaulted with all kinds of artificial crap, you begin to appreciate our natural tasting foods)

10. The warmth and friendliness of most Nigerians despite the harsh economic situation.

Ok i have to admit it was hard to come up with ten but its a start and i know that it will get easier with time (we just need to get rid of the bunch of idiots that hold us back...)

Quote: “Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.” - anon

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posted by ijebuman  # 6:16 pm
Good try Ijebu man!

#5- "The community spirit still prevalent in many parts of the country" does not exist in Nigeria, otherwise our streets will be clean or cleaner and free of garbage; we won't be bent on beating the system; and we will find be "our brothers' keeper" always. All others I will accept, somehow grudgingly...

You can tell where I stand about Nigeria and issues relating to the nation, but despite all the aggros at home, I love the country...and may be a little too attached to it. But what can a man do?
I've seen examples of it, i'm aware of someone who paid to have all the drainage on his street cleared and this was in Lagos.

Even our government is always helping other African countries despite our many problems (in Liberia, Sierra leone, Togo, Sao Tome etc)
I still remember how the government funded the ANC during the apartheid era and helped Zimbabwe gain independence.
"...From its warm and friendly citizens, soccer stars, its community spirit, movie industry and musical tradition, ijebuman's diary celebrates all that is positive about Nigeria..."

Good points, dude.
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