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Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm disgusted (Part 1) 

definition according to dictionary.com

To excite nausea or loathing in; sicken.
To offend the taste or moral sense of; repel.

Profound aversion or repugnance excited by something offensive.

Filled with disgust or irritated impatience.

I'm disgusted with (in no particular order)

The nigerian government
for the way it has organised the current census. There were mixed signals and conflicting information from government officials throughout the previous week. People in Lagos were forced to stay at home for five days while in other parts of the country people moved around.
Its not rocket science, allocate 2 days, do the damn counting and let people get back to work.

Bush et al (no surprise there)
for the disaster in Iraq and for the hypocrisy regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions. I may not like the islamic leadership in Iran but who the hell are the Americans to decide who should have access to nuclear technology. Their unilateral actions around the world is the reason why Iran wants to have nukes. Can you blame them? the US will not mess with North Korea and thats because they have nukes..

Religious Ayahtollahs - extremists, fundamentalists, whatever 'ists'.
They are the biggest problem we face in Nigeria and have turned many Nigerians into 'ReligiBots'. They come in different shapes and forms boring us to death with their religious crap. They make our society a less tolerant place and i think its time the government took a stronger stance. You want to be religious keep it to yourself and stop inflicting it on others.

Obj and his 'third term politricks'.
The 'would he', 'should he', 'could he' drama is becoming boring and tiring. He should stop hiding behind a smokescreen and put his cards on the table. The country deserves an answer now.

Obj. (again) digust x2
I'm stunned that he would even consider staying past his 'sell by date'. Give it up old man and let someone else do the job.

Previous generation of Nigerians,
yeah the generation that had it so good (jobs when they graduated, great educational facilities etc) but had no vision whatsoever and in the process sold us into 'economic slavery'. Obj is a current example of how hopeless the previous generation is, the guy has no vision whatsoever. People like Awolowo et al left a lasting legacy that has continued to propel the Yoruba race. Obj's generation are like parasites, feeding off the country and leaving nothing behind for the next generation.

The west is full of crap, its the old maxim of 'do as i say not as i do'. The US screams security when an Arab company buys a company that controls some of its ports or when a Chinese company tries to buy an American oil company. The French government block attempts by foreign companies to take over french companies. Yet they have the nerve to lecture developing countries about protectionism. They want us to open up our borders to all their imports but are unwilling to do the same.

To be continued when i'm in another bad mood....

Quote: "Everything has been outsourced to God, unfortunately God doesn't do consultancy work"

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