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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

something out of Jerry Springer 

Poor Obj, since leaving power, its been one scandal or the other. Even Nollywood couldn't make up the current one doing the rounds. It takes a lot to shock me, but i'm stunned at the 'allegations' made by Obj's son - Gbenga Obasanjo

Either Gbenga Obasanjo has completely lost the plot or there is some crazy shit happening in that family..
Meanwhile who knew we had 'armchair psychologists' in naija, check out their anaylsis of the whole affair

Recommended reading
42 years ago (January 15 1966), Nigeria's first attempt at democracy ended with the violent overthrow of the government of Sir Tafawa Balewa. Six months later, there was another coup carried out by mainly Northern soldiers. These two events eventually led to the Nigerian civil war
check out Nowa Omoigui's excellent article on the events of 1966
Northern Nigerian Military Counter-Rebellion July, 1966

I'm outta here...
Out of the UK that is, till the end of the month
we're off to sunny Lanzarote..

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posted by ijebuman  # 9:07 pm
Ijebu guy, this is one story you simply cant make up...Wow. Thanks for the link - Biafra. Have a nice break
This latest OBJ scandal is simply scandalicious. I heard about it recently and have been trying to avoid the details. For a son to make such allegations is a serious thing and could potentially speak volumes about OBJ.

Enjoy your trip!
Followed your link and I think this is purely one of those...sh<.t happens....situations!
as in!!!! hilarious and sad!
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