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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

random musings II 

really sorry for the long break, some 'disgruntled elements' had been using jazz to stop me from blogging : - )
(blogger seems to have gone crazy on me, can't seem to get the text to display properly)
Another reason i've been offline is because i've used up all my energy trying to catch up with Ijebuman jr, he took his first steps a few weeks ago and now he is running around the house thinking he is Linford Christie. [just in case you regulars have forgotten, he was a year old 2 weeks ago : - )]

The BNP is going to love this:
Foreigners commit 20 per cent of crime in London, say police

The highest number of offences were carried out by Poles, charged with 2,310 crimes between the start of January and the end of June.

Jamaicans, Irish nationals, Somalians and Romanians - accused of more than 1,000 crimes - had the next worst levels of offending.


The worst fraud total was recorded by Nigerians, with 275 crimes

who says Nigeria hasn't got talent LOL.

Seriously, although i know its bad we're on the list but at least we're not in the top 3, considering the bad press we get you'll think naijas commit most of the crime in this town.

(just in case you didn't notice it in the story 80% of crimes is still committed by brits)
Celebrating What?
Yar'Adua to mark first 100 days in office
According to Mr. John Ogar Odey (Minister of Information and Communications) a committee has been put in place to work out modalities for the celebration.
What exactly has Yardy done in the last 100 days, he only just appointed his ministers last month. Apart from reversing a few of his predecessors policies he hasn't exactly done anything, i suggest he waits a year before "celebrating" anything.

As far as i'm concerned the jury is still out on Yardy, his made a few good moves but i still have my doubts about him. Back in '99 when Obj too was reversing decisions made by the previous military government, na so people dey hail am, 8 years later we all know better.

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posted by ijebuman  # 11:58 pm
What is the ratio of foreign nationals in your neck of the woods, I think that will put the statistics in perspective
I wanted to point out the 80% detail, then I noticed the awfully small print...

Welcome back.
hard to tell since its a mixed area.

i did that to highlight the bias way the story was reported, the figure for brits was well hidden in the story and you'll probably won't notice it if you just glanced at the report.
For me the questions would be one of proportionality. Are the percentages of foreign nationals about 20% as well in which case their crime rate is proportional or are they more in which case foreign nationals are less likely to commit crime now that would be a story the BNP wouldn't want to hear.

Yes I realise that based on pure numbers criminals are more likely to be brits 4 to 1 but playing with the numbers in this way just shows how stats can show anything you want them to show...
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