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Friday, July 20, 2007

random musings 

something to rant about
I hate spam, let me re phrase that, i really really hate spam. My spam filter manages to block most of it, but how do you block spam sent by friends or people in your address book??
I've recently noticed that a lot of people have started sending me religious spam (as far as i'm concerned it's unsolicited, so it'is spam).
You can always tell when my peeps have discovered "religion" especially of the pentecostal
kind. They start sending out emails with bible quotations, invites to Pastor Jibiti's weekend of deliverance or forward silly emails about passing this message to 40 other people will bring you luck or prove that 'Jesus is lord' or show that 'Satan is a liar'.

Even on the web, there's no escape for people like me from our current obsession with religion...

angry and sad
that it took so long for our government to react and demand an apology from the spanish ambassador for the death of Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, a 23 year old Nigerian killed by spanish police officers during a forced deportation.
see back story

no wonder the weather is shit
not that i bother with the charts but there's a silly song called 'Umbrella' by Rihanna at number one, the chorus to the song sounds remarkably familiar, sort of like the gibberish my 11 month old son has been saying recently.
but i digress
'Umbrella' has been at number one for 9 weeks, no wonder summer has been a complete washout.

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posted by ijebuman  # 2:38 pm
Looks like you have to release your own single PDQ, titled Sunglasses.

I don't follow the charts either but I have heard that inane song a few times and she has be sending down the rain in Nigeria too, I think.
I feel kinda guilty that I like the umbrella song. It just stick in your head like ella ella hey hey..If you can not beat them ...
lol @ Rihanna's song causing the miserable weather this way...
Oh my! You sinner. You don't know that to show how much you love Jesus and hate Satan you MUST spam everyone in your contact list?

Like you I can't stand those silly spam messages 'cloaked' in the guise of religion and have warned people not to send them to me. It seems to have worked...

As for that girl using her song to mess up the weather, what can you do? Just pray that some other silly song takes the Umbrella song's place and hope that it doesn't produce any negative consequences. lol!
lol @ pastor jibiti.people send me religious mails too even though they know i am not a christian.very annoying
I am one of the guilty parties that like the umbrella sing,am usually humming it.I don tire for this UK "summer"

Ditto on d religious spams. It just isn't right. With everyone I get, I counter with the "Don't Become Part of the Spam Problem article" - http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTip/id-5212.html back

Maybe the flooded parts of England she be renamed Venezia nuovo"
LoL thks for the link.
Whats happening to pop nowaways eh? The catch of this Umbrella tune ella, ella thing reminds me of the inane oh, ey of hip hop hurray.

And now this rainmaking babe is launching her own umbrella range at 25 quid a pop. WTF?
Its still raining and Rihanna's song is still number one. Lets hope Kate Nash makes it to number 1 this weekend..
RE: Aikpintahi

It's sad.
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