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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A petty, quarrelsome and insecure old man 

"a petty, quarrelsome and insecure old man presiding over the affairs of a complex entity as Nigeria."
Abubakar Atiku (in response to Obj's accusations)

Now i've always said Naija politics creates strange bedfellows, who would have thought i'll be using a quote from Atiku as a blog header lol.

I have to give it to Atiku he definitely knows how to defend himself in a 'rofo rofo' (dirty) fight. Don't get me wrong i'm no fan of the vice president, but if there was an award for bravery in the face of repeated 'assaults' i'll give it to him [i'll also give him the award for corruption and the award for turncoat and betrayal, but thats not the point here, is it? : - )]

Obasanjo kicked off the latest round of fighting by accusing Atiku of employing 'jazz' against him, i can't really be bothered quoting obj here as it's really pathetic (see newsreport). I don't know if anyone has noticed how regularly obj uses sentences like 'a fight to finish' or 'do or die', i suppose once a military man always a military man
but i digress
Atiku quickly responded describing obj as a psychotic bastard (ok my interpretation lol)
who needs nollywood when we can enjoy reality TV from Aso rock

At this stage i doubt if there is anyone who is shocked or embarrassed about this current episode of 'washing your dirty linen in public'. In most countries it would be a national embarrassment for the president and his vice president to trade filthy insults in public, but this is naija where the concept of national embarrassment is as alien as organising a free and fair election.


posted by ijebuman  # 1:15 pm
They are acting like clowns. Sometimes I wonder whether this whole thing isnt staged!

See you around.
Isnt it so pathetic. Obj is really a petty, quarrelsome and insecure, old man. I ditto dat!lol!
this obj and atiku will never cease to amaze me....behaving like school kids.airing their dirty laundry in public and insulting themsleves in d face of d media...as pseudo said they are acting like real clowns.....let follow them laugh.......buaaaaaaaaaaaaahh....
Yes, they do seem to come across as little school boys.

Well, let me ask a question. What if OBJ's accusation is true... What if a babalawo did tell Atiku that Baba is on his way out and that Atiku would then become Pres? What would that spell for the complex entity that is Nigeria...
OBJ over Atiku, any day!

That said, for some odd reason, I'm beginning to see baba in a different light than I have since his tenure began and with the spates of critical attacks at his system of governance and personality. He's an easy-going person once you get to know him...He's been doing a lot to up his credibility these last few days of his being president. He's just like Bush, in some ways...standing tall in the face of it all. There's still some sorta good in the midst of all the badness...

Love u baba...resign in peace
@ solomonsydelle
I don't care if the accusations are true or not, what i care about is our president and vice president making fools of themselves. When they both leave office they can say anything they like but as long as they are still in office they should respect that office and act in a more dignifying way.
OBJ over Atiku anyday. Thanks for coming by. The reply will be posted soon. Your comment was so powerful I upgraded it to a post.
"who needs nollywood when we can enjoy reality TV from Aso rock"...lol...
I feel you, way too much drama!
My country is like a huge wound on my leg that only seems to get worse despite all attempts and while I wait for the necessary medication to arrive and be applied.
Our leaders are like traditional herbalists: not as effective as they could be. Compromised and only useful for proferring self serving solutions.
Love ur blog. My grandfather was Ijebu
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