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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

naija's 'village people' 

There's a funny video doing the rounds of a prank played on a naija scammer who is persuaded to perform (and record) along with his friends 'Y.M.C.A' by the village people


you can check out the back story to the whole scam here

saddest part of it all is the con is still on and the poor sod still has no clue (and actually thinks the emails are from George W Bush)

posted by ijebuman  # 5:24 pm
They get humiliated, people have their laugh, but I'm one of those who think this is making the scammers wiser and less susceptible to reverse-scamming.
I could not watch anymore, I could not listen to another line, I could not read another paragraph - never have I been so embarrassed for anyone this much.

They have got it coming and I cannot bear to see the end of this tale.
same here, i found the video funny but i felt extremely sad that the levels of poverty in naija is so bad that people will do anything (or in this case believe anything) to survive.
I agree with you and Akin...
Oh my .... (shaking my head)
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