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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Last days 

sElection 2007(50 days(state)/57 days(federal) to go)
part of a series of blog entries on the Nigerian elections in April 2007.

I thought i might as well join the whole 'last 100 days of Obj's regime' bandwagon, as of today i think there's roughly 96 days left.
The feeling is quite similar to IBB's last days back in 93, when everybody couldn't wait for him to go and then he pulled a fast one on Nigerians and left them with Abacha. No one knows what Obj has up his sleeves, he has already described the April elections as a do or die affair... (Actually this was taken out of context but what did he expect) .
Anyway me i don't know why people are making noise and comparing Obj to Abacha, methinks that is so unfair to Abacha....
anywaaay sha
By may 29, Obj would have ruled naija for 11 years (1976 - 1979, 1999 - 2007), making him the longest serving leader in naija's turbulent history. Lets hope his likes never rule the country again..

Meanwhile his deputy was in town talking about Naija's DemoCrazy...

Atiku at Chatham House

Abubakar Atiku was at Chatham house on wednesday to give a speech on the 'Challenges for Nigeria after the election'.

Unfortunately i couldn't attend the event, it would have been a great place to practice how to throw rotten eggs.
here's the transcript of the speech he gave yesterday

I take it he has a great speech writer but he still has not said much about the allegations of corruption made against him. If he is really interested in "attacking corruption head-on" he should start by showing evidence of where he got the money to start his American style university - ABTI and where he got the funds to buy the multimillion-dollar mansion in Potomac Maryland in 2000.

In the speech Atiku claims
"I have been humbled by the ravages of debilitating poverty and I know what it means to go hungry.
I have diligently served my country in the public sector for over 20 years
before successfully venturing into private business and professional politics. I have over 20 years of cognate experience as a tested and committed democrat and politician, the last 8 years of which I have served as Vice-President of our country sometimes, even, under the most harrowing and trying of circumstances."

"the ravages of debilitating poverty"
really, this is from a guy who paid $1.7 million for a house in the US.
Anyway it's pointless talking about Atiku, its not as if he can even contest to be the next president

posted by ijebuman  # 1:24 pm
I pray Nigeria never suffers the fate of an Atiku presidency. But who is Obasanjo to point fingers. One third of Fela's career was spent in documenting OBJ's expertise in Nigeria's corruption industry.And that period covered only his actual first term!
"Unfortunately i couldn't attend the event, it would have been a great place to practice how to throw rotten eggs."

OBJ is just trying to stay alive.
wow...96 days left...lets see what OBJ has got under his sleeves...

God help the country!
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