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Sunday, February 04, 2007

6 months after 

Yeah its been 6 months since i took on the 'responsibility' of taking care of another human being (i.e my son; Ijebuman jr). I promised myself that i wasn't going to be one of those parents who goes around showing off pictures of their kids but i just can't help myself LOL

I have to admit that i wasn't too "keen" on having kids. Mrs ijebuman was well aware of this but took a "risk" and still hooked up with me, hoping she could change my mind somewhere down the line. I eventually gave in because of the whole 'biological clock thing' and the 'hints' i was getting in bed ; - )

The whole idea of getting married and then having kids not too long afterwards, just never appealed to me. I do love kids but i think everyone has a certain time in their lives when they want them and age has nothing to do with it.. (and science has managed to solve the whole 'biological clock thing' as i was reading somewhere about a 67 year old woman having kids)

But i digress

That was an era i'll like to call BIA (before I-j Arrived). In the current era (AIA) our lives revolve around the whims of I-j.
Not that i'm complaining about anything especially now that he is out of our bed : - ) (see co-sleeping)

Becoming a father has been fun and sometimes it has been overwhelming, like the other day when i had just settled down to watch my favourite show on tv, prison break.
I-j quickly realising that he was not getting my full attention, decided to put on a show of his own, unfortunately wifey was not around so there was no escape this time..
It constantly amazes me the amount of noise a baby can make, I-j could hardly make a sound when he was born, now he can literally bring the house down when he "cries"

So I-j starts crying (actually he is screaming) and i'm wondering to myself what the neighbours must be thinking (probably, what in the world is he doing to that kid ??) i know he is not hungry as i had just fed him, it's not heartburn, i had checked his nappy and he wasn't sleepy.

I had checked all the obvious things and yet he wouldn't stop crying

and then his mum returns and he is all 'smiles' as if nothing happened.

its official he is a "mummy's boy" how can i ever compete against that...
vamos ir a españa

which could obviously mean something else but i hope it means 'we're off to spain'.

We're taking a tour around the south of spain from malaga to algeciras and hopefully to morocco if we have enough time.


posted by ijebuman  # 2:28 am
Now if you tell his mom how much of a scream fest he put on she won't believe you. Unfortunately i don't think you can compete with that kind of love o, he'll reserve yours for you. You seem to be taking fatherhood in good stride though, lovely kid you have there btw.
Awww! He's a cutie :-)

Don't worry hopefully your next kid would be a girl, then she'll be "daddy's girl".

Have a safe trip, as you tour spain, etc.
hehe lucky you, by crying he is showing you looooove according to dami's leading childcare specialist lol
Eweso. Omo Alare. (My mum is Ijebu)

Absolutely gorgeous baby. Have a good time in Spain.
ha ha nice one you try sha but that eweso na "eweee sooo"
lolll...eyahhh...u fell in love with him huh? (That always happens...lol)
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