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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome to the most expensive city in the world 

According to a recent report by Swiss bank UBS London is the world's most expensive city.

Which obviously explains why everyone is swimming in debt
so what does it feel like living in the most expensive city in the world ?
it sucks...

With the congestion charges, ridiculous parking fines, council tax (and very soon another crazy tax from crazy ken to pay for the olympics) you really wonder how much more the average Londoner can take.

Don't even get me started on public transport

Public transport is so expensive that its probably cheaper flying to New york than taking a train to Manchester. I feel like i'm been mugged anytime i pay for public transport.

I suppose if you're one of those who works at Goldman Sachs then its all good (i am not bitter why should i be ???)

me, i'd rather live somewhere else...

The future is not bright (with orange)

Orange has got to be the worst company i have ever dealt with. I've had the misfortune of dealing with quite a few hopeless companies (e.g Northern Rock) but Orange has got be the worst. No wonder they feature on The Guardian's 'The worst of the worst' (as in one of the worst companies in 2006)

I've spent the better part of today dealing with the morons they call customer agents and i think i have had enough. I've been a customer for over 5 years and i would rather use a can and a string than remain an orange customer.
If you're still with orange i suggest you switch to another company, you've been warned.
I hope their legal department reads this (go ahead sue me...)

posted by ijebuman  # 1:39 pm
I was with Dutchtone in the Netherlands some 4 years ago and they got acquired by Orange a few months after.

About 11 years ago, I interviewed for a job with Orange in Bristol, I did not get the job because the manager thought I would going for his job in 5 years time - so much for a company that excites ambitious people - especially if your future is orange.

However, whilst I have not left Orange, I have refused to sign a long term contract with them since January 2006 - it just rolls over every month - because they have no notion of how to treat long term and loyal customers.

Yes, I live in the Netherlands, however Orange is a European or even global company and I cannot get them to arrange a phone with an English operating system.

I latch unto an Orange network in the UK or France and still end up paying a premium.

I am shopping around for a better customer oriented service - I indeed do feel your pain.

Well, indeed, it has always been cheaper to travel long distance internationally than within the UK.

When I lived in the UK, travelling 1st class on Eurostar to Paris was bliss, considering I paid almost twice more from London to Lancaster and had to share my foot space with a dog.

In no place have I felt ripped off than being in London hotels and using any of the services, once again, I feel your pain.
Didn't know London was that expensive...I knew it was small and all.
if you book in advance and have single tickets with fixed times, you could get to Manchester and back for £25. Where do you get the tickets to New York for that?

London is expensive, that's why most people in the UK are smart enough not to live there ;-)

I believe Orange have sucked since being invaded by France Telecom.
Are you sure you're not bitter about me and sachs ;-)

London people are just like nigerians in a way they never do anything they never complain!
when i finish my degree i'll probably be moving outside or maybe not- i like london too much

according to metro, if you buy your tickets 3-4months in advance... new african timing i guess
It would be nice if I could visit that city someday. Thank you for the information. I had an updated list of most expensive real estate here. You might want to visit them.

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