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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Re: Orange 

I've modified my previous post about Orange - hasta la vista orange (and removed the email addresses i posted)
Before you think I was threatened with a law suit, i got a call from someone higher up in the corporate chain at Orange apologising for the way i had been treated. They promised to look into the issues i raised and "to work on improving their customer service". (yeah and pigs will fly...)

Unfortunately my attempt to claim compensation for 'emotional distress' was politely refused.
It was worth a try, if a prisoner saved from suicide can get £575,000 in compensation from the home office, i see no reason why i can't get paid for my 'distress'.

But its all water under the bridge, i've moved to TMobile and i'm not going back..

Can this really be happening?
A minister waking up to his responsibilities..

Fani-Kayode demands lower international air fares

New Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) is talking tough these days, according to the report he said
"the Federal Government would no longer accept racist comments against Nigerian travellers, as well as cases of missing baggage, pointing out that British Airways was the worst culprit."

Fani-Kayode warned that the Federal Government would no longer tolerate rudeness from its staff towards Nigerian travellers, saying: "We would no longer condone such behaviours and if you think I am joking, then let it happen again."

He stated further that, the Committee, among its term of reference would ascertain if Nigerian passengers are over charged compared to what the Airlines charge passengers of other countries.

"If the committee finds out that our fear is true, then I will have no choice than to forward you a recommendation for downward review of your rates and whoever refuses will just have to close his operation in Nigeria. I don't care how much that decision is going to make us suffer here" he said.

Tough talk indeed lets hope he has the backbone to back it up with real action.
I had always thought FFK was a bit of a loudmouth and Obj's errand boy, but if he actually ends up carrying out his threat against BA and Virgin Atlantic then i may have to re access my opinion of him.

BA's response to FFK's initial outburst 2 weeks ago was quite funny, apparently they were "very distressed" by his comments.
The BA spokesman further added that "We will be visiting the minister personally next week to address his concerns"

Well it seems either the "Hamper" they sent to him wasn't big enough or the man is dead serious about this issue...

see previous post relating to this issue

posted by ijebuman  # 3:48 pm

I take exception to published posts being removed except in cases when an injunction has been made to expunge the material.

Since this was a developing saga, you could have made a rejoinder and probably used a strike-through to obscure the text that has become irrelevant in your case.

The solution you have gotten from Orange does not mean other customers like myself have stopped getting a raw-deal. :-)

We need to see the whole picture to appreciate what you have been through, now we have a Mona Lisa without a face.

you're right but in this case the only thing i did was to remove the email addresses i posted. I felt the reason i posted them was wrong.

If they get spammed then genuine complaints will never get through.
I didn't really get a "solution", all i got was an apology which was a bit too late..
lol @ "emotional distress"
'then i may have to re access my opinion of him'

You do that sunshine!
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