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Sunday, October 08, 2006

I love your smile 

Jr is growing so fast its hard to keep up, hard to imagine that he is a little over 2 months old.
Its not easy interacting with a baby at this stage, the interaction is usually one-way, as they don't really respond apart from crying.
But it’s amazing what you learn about them from the few clues they provide. For instance he hates his Moses basket and has stopped sleeping in it (shame we can't send it back to mothercare). He loves, correction; demands attention (typical Leo) and he 'prefers' that you walk around when you carry him in your arms. (you are not allowed to sit down and do anything else).
Failure to adhere to the above instructions will result in a loud noise that may result in the council issuing a noise abatement order…

But I digress...
And then the other day it happened, he responded, our little boy started smiling and its the most beautiful smile i've ever seen…


posted by ijebuman  # 11:23 pm
"the most beautiful smile I've ever seen."

Someone I know was talking about loosing sleep with his newborn. What struck me is the kind of investment parents have in their children. It becomes clear pretty quickly you'll never in your lifetime recover those lost hours of sleep.

Imagine those who see their baby smile and don't know it's the most beautiful. I happy for you and your observation and parental loving reaction make me glad.
He's so cute...
Aww isnt that so nice? And the smile itself is genuinely beautiful. Good thing the Ijebuman Jr is catching up real fast. And goodluck with the parenting skills, shldnt be any difficult as you already know the rules...LOL
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