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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things are that bad... 

To all my peeps out there, hang in there remember if it doesn't kill you, it just means your creditors can still find you.
My peeps when oyibo man starts panicking and running around like headless chicken, there's some serious alarm about to blow, that is why i'm wondering why my peeps are still organising owambe parties as if nothing dey happen..
I was talking to someone the other day asking how she was coping with the credit crunch, she said "credit crunch is not my potion in Jesus name" ok o i replied, 'when you return from lala land please give me a call..'

Meanwhile i've told Mrs Ijebuman to do a quick inventory of all our movable assets as we may need to make a quick dash to Naija if things get really bad, I'll miss Ijebuman's mansions but lets face it, I was only the caretaker, it was always owned by the mortgage company. When the going gets tough, the tough pack up and move back to where they came from, the Polish are already doing it lol.

On a serious note, we all need to be smart to ride this one out, there's so much uncertainty out there, no job is secure..


posted by ijebuman  # 1:37 pm
Is that Elizabeth II?
is that Elizabeth II?
LOL i'm not saying anything...
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"credit crunch is not my potion in Jesus name"..lololol. it's not my potion too. More seriously Its going to be a tough couple of years. The dream of the last 11 years is over. Thank God I shunned another re mortgage offer early this year....kai
No job is secure. You can say that again, lol...
{Off record}
2nd/3rd/4th time I must have asked for this. Your playlist. Looks like the site where you hosted it is down. I thought I made a copy, but ....Any chance (ababoy1@gmail.com)

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