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Saturday, June 07, 2008

These are interesting times.... 

A new Uncle Sam?

Well, well, well, so Barack Obama is now the Democratic party nominee, assuming Hilary doesn't kill him before November : - ), he might actually become the next President of the United States.
Real life is gradually turning into an episode of the TV series 24, what will the Season finale be?
It seems America is finally growing up and ready to bury its racist past....

So what have we learned so far;

Don't fuck with the Clintons, they'll do absolutely anything to win.

Americans love a fairy tale (well one assumes they realise this is "real life" and not some Hollywood blockbuster with a 'Denzel' lookalike running for the Presidency)

Black is the new White

Fox News reveals Republican Party's back up plan just in case Obama wins

And finally, the ultimate proof that you don't have to Anglicise your name to make it, Fellow Naijas please take note, you don't have to give your offspring "Christian" (i.e "English") names to fit in.

If Barack Hussein Obama was Naija, the Barack would have become "Barry" by now, and his middle name "Hussein" would have disappeared along with any trace of his African roots.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Naija may not be the best place in the world but at least we're not on the top 10 list of the most dangerous places on earth

The Top 10
10. Russia
9. Brazil
8. South Africa
7. Burundi
6. Antarctica
5. Afghanistan
4. Somalia
3. Sudan
2. Colombia
1. Iraq
Bonus entry: USA


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posted by ijebuman  # 12:50 pm
My hope was that Obama get the nomination; my fear is that Obama get the nomination. Reference point, Hillary made a freudian slip by explaining why she was still in the race by bringing up the fact that the presumptive DNC nominee in 1968, Robert Kennedy was assasinated in June. Why would she ever do that? Makes you go, hmmm?
I cannot understand why so may Nigerians go to south Africa, I have always said it was like going to Iraq.
lol @ bonus entry...
Interesting reading methinks...
I agree with Doja - 50 murders a day in SA. IJMan - liked the Uncle SAM picture...lol. Another brilliant post
Dude in case you missed it, Barack used to be called Barry in Uni.
Love your write up, I always say the same thing about the name changing thing.....it irritates me. I always say if you are important, people would learn to pronounce your name. Theres this guy that changed his name from Arowolo to Wolo...I mean what a joke...if we can pronounce Schwarzenegger...................c'mon they can pronounce Arowolo
thanks for the link

doesn't matter what nickname he was called in college, the point is, he has always used his real name.

@femi b
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