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Monday, February 04, 2008

Holiday blues 

We returned from the Canaries last week and i'm so not happy to be back. The press is full of all sorts of doom and gloom stories; global recession, credit crunch, house price crash blah blah blah
right now i wish i was back in Lanzarote sipping sangria, without a care in the world..

it's only a game...
Shame in defeat for Nigeria

I know i'm not a football fan so i can't possibly understand the pain of Naija losing to Ghana (as i've been told by fans of the round thing kicked around by 22 'overpaid' adults) but i do understand one thing, just like any other thing in life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
So lets be happy for Ghana, hopefully some other team will beat them at the finals...

Sacre Bleu

Kenya: Country Learnt Vote Rigging From Nigeria - Human Rights Watch

Washington's failure to condemn the rigging of Nigeria's election a year ago left the impression in Nairobi that vote fraud would be tolerated, a leading human rights group charged on Friday.
"Nigeria's leader came to power in a violent and fraudulent vote, yet he's been accepted on the international stage," Kenneth Roth, director of New York-based Human Rights Watch, said in a statement. "It's no wonder Kenya's president felt able to rig his re-election."

Na wah o, it's bad enough that our dear ex president - Obj (''father'' of modern Nigeria and much more - which may or may not include his own "grand children" lol) was not invited to pray and talk some sense to Kibaki and Odinga.
If Kibaki had sought advise from Obj prior to the election, Obj would have given him a few pointers on how to rig the election and avoid the current wahala.

methinks the
Kenyan Army too needs a lesson from Naija on what to do when politicians throw their toys out of the pram.

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posted by ijebuman  # 12:28 pm
Hello Ijebuman,

Welcome back, the Canary Islands offers such a relaxing place to be, I would like to visit other islands though I seem to prefer Gran Canaria for its louche and carefree atmosphere.

I can only concur on the matter of Kenya following the lead of Nigeria in botching their elections even worse than we did.

Governments of Western convenience would never do if those governments are not the express desire of the electorate.

Whilst Nigeria has not descended into chaos, Kenya and Pakistan are glaring examples of flawed democracies given legitimacy when they should have been condemned and forced to do right.

I should be planning another few weeks of sun-burn in April or May.
Thanks Akin.
All the islands have something unique to offer, may try Gran Canaria next time.
I went to Spain once... I did not like it because they did not speak English, same reason I am never going back to France!
Hmm, I am not surprised by that report. I wrote about that issue, you know, the reaction of the world and particularly other African leaders to the Nigerian election. "Soiled hands" is what I call it. No one is reputable enough to stand up for what is right and so we create a cycle which reinforces the lack of accountability and continuance of shoddy democracy on the continent. All at the risk of the many poor and underprivileged.

Anyway, now that Kenya's opposition is calling for UN and AU troops, (which is code for Nigeria), we shall all wait and see what will happen next. I just hope something god happens. Like you, I am tired of the dooma nd gloom.

Welcome back anyway. And, btw, the Person of 2007 (a la you Ijebuman Awards) is up.
Hope you had a nice break...Welcome back to - well its not to cold this week.
thanks guys
i do hope to one day play in the canary islands too...

...after tucking away my pride, i decided to truly root for ghana...only for them to also go fuck up losing to cameroon...may the best team win...

...as for this case of kenya learning from naija...i think such comments by hrw are ridiculous and in no way serve to solve the problems...what western state would call the spade?...everyone else plays bitch/prostitute to the us...how many prostitutes talk back to their pimps?...how will the us speak when bush himself stole two elections that everyone seems to sweep under the rug?...i wish african nations would get it together and that leaders would stop with the narcissistic behaviors they have adopted...

...nice post...
Vaxing about Chris Rock over. Tickets booked :) Thanks again.
Fine, HRW's comments aren't helping but at least they're talking about it, more than i can say for us back home. THousands of Kenyans have been evacuated from their homes and are living in refugee tents/camps and our Judiciary is currently debating on whether to annul the pres election results...so this issue is definitely closer to home than we think. Let's hope they have the gots to do the right thing...

Welcome back!
Feel free to update, omo ijebu
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