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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Its been six months since Yardy was sworn in as president and it seems he spends most of his time sleeping in Aso rock. Apart from a few policy reversals and a couple of statements about the rule of law, i can't think of anything else he has done in the past six months.
It seems he prefers to react to events, rather than taking the initiative. Who gives a rat's ass if he obeys court injunctions? (unlike Obj), thats not an achievement, it should be the norm in any true democracy.

It's a typical Nigerian trait to get carried away by the 'populist' actions of a new government. Reversing the policies of a previous government has always been the easiest way to win acceptance in naija. You don't need to formulate policies of your own, just reverse all the decisions of the previous government and everyone will hail you as the best thing to happen to Nigeria.

The true test of Yardy will be when he stops riding on Obj's coattails and formulates his own policies or when he has to deal with a major crises.

The Religion Delusion
I've just finished reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, depending on your views of religion, you'll either love it or hate it. I loved it, so you can pretty much tell what my views are on religion.
Meanwhile, i stumbled on this excellent article on NVS - 'God to His Children: There is No God'
As usual the reaction from the respondents (mostly Nigerian) was not exactly surprising..

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posted by ijebuman  # 5:53 pm
lol at the "Yawn'Adua"
Well I think Yar'adua is fulfilling the role he was called to do - maintain the status quo. I wish there were more people in government like Akunyili who actually take initiative. Our current president does not inspire anyone...except for anti-tobacco advocates which can point to him as an example of the longterm effect of tobacco smoking ("see, if you continue smoking, one day, when you are handed over the presidency by the political powers that be, you may not have the physical stamina to even carry out basic changes"). Anyway, I digress. But I did not have much hope for Yara'dua in the first place, so the fact that he has not yet committed any disaster is a big positive in my eyes. Mediocrity has become such a rare commodity in Naija....
His pace indeed appears glacial at the best of times, but we must not let our impatience get the better of us. Six months is a mite too early to judge the legacy of a four year tenure...
"Six months is a mite too early to judge the legacy of a four year tenure... "

Not too early, the signs are not good, check out the crap coming from his Attorney general - Michael Aondoakaa - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7113216.stm
Yardy may say the right things, however talk is cheap. His actions/inactions so far does not inspire much confidence.
I have not read the god delusion but hope to soon. I am tired and disappointed in Naija/African/Black blind adherence to beliefs that not only have no empirical basis but often also are self defeating and limiting. I am not surprised by this either. We had one set of our beliefs replaced by another, we cling to these because we are afraid and not curious.
when a major crisis rocked the house of reps, Yardua chuckled under "rule of law".
this Yardua joker do not have the foresight and vision to lead...this trumped-up Nigerian govt was hand-picked by OBJ under a sham election.
reversing policies under the guise of fighting corruption does nothing to alleviate the sufferings of nigerians...this is a failed govt from the outset and they do not deserve a day longer in office.

BTW, Yardua should put his power where is mouth his and FIRE Aondoakaa!
"The true test of Yardy will be when he stops riding on Obj's coattails and formulates his own policies or when he has to deal with a major crises."

I couldn't agree with you more. We will have to wait and see (as always) whether bobo can DO something.

As for Aondoakaa, I talk about that guy so much, I don tire! I will simply second Nigeria Politricks on that issue. Or, rather, as Americans say - does the buck stop with Yardy? If his AGF is wayward, should both of them go?
I said Yar 'Asleep would be just another version of Sheu Shagari well before April 14 and i have been proven right.
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