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Friday, September 07, 2007

Prince at the O2 Arena 

If you're a Prince fan and you haven't seen him at the O2 arena (21 nights in London, part of The Earth Tour) you need to get tickets fast.
I was at his concert last night and all i can say is, Prince is truly a great performer. I can't remember all the songs he performed, as he did a LOT of songs but he did all my favourite songs - kiss, 1999, purple rain, cream, diamonds & pearls, little red covette, alphabet street, sign of the times and i wanna be your lover. (phew)
There was no satisfying the audience and when the show ended about 2 hours later, some people started booing because he didn't come back for a fourth encore..

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posted by ijebuman  # 1:38 pm
dat skinny man?
With Prince I never got it. Just like Fela too. I just seem to miss some of this things that whole world gets so easily... Oh well, how is going? Thanks for coming by.
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