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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Junior Update/Weapon of Choice 

Just realised how long its been since i blogged about ijebuman jr, he is now 11 months old (amazing how time flies)

Just like Gordon Brown's cabinet reshuffle, we did a furniture reshuffle at ijebuman's mansion this week ; - )
With junior crawling around we've suddenly realised how child unfriendly the place is. The little rascal has developed an unhealthy relationship with everything apart from his toys. He has started chewing on wires, knocking over plants and generally messing up the feng shui arrangement of the place (we ijebu's too get our own feng shui LOL).
No wonder my sister in law was laughing at us last year when we were renovating the house.
Weapon of Choice

London is gradually turning into some knife crazed city, with kids running around stabbing each other. Since the beginning of the year over a dozen teenagers have been fatally stabbed.

According to The Times
Worried parents are buying body armour for their children in an attempt to keep them safe from street violence.
A firm that supplies stab- and bullet-proof vests to government agencies around the world has sold 60 jackets to concerned parents after several murders of teenagers on London streets.
“They are concerned by what is happening on the streets — the level of violence. A 13-year-old girl has been our youngest customer but most are about 15 or 16. Most of the calls have been from London" a spokesman for the firm is reported as saying.

check out the stats
10% of boys aged 11 and 12 are reported to have carried a knife or other weapon and 8% said they had attacked someone intending serious harm. By the age of 16, the figure had risen to 24% who have carried a knife and 16% who had attacked somebody intending harm.

Boy stabbed to death because he looked at youth ‘the wrong way’

Teenager stabbed in third fatal attack since weekend

Call for security checks as one in four pupils admits to being armed

If things carry on this way Jr might end up in a boarding school in good ole Naija.


posted by ijebuman  # 1:55 pm
More surprises for London, if it continues on its state of appeasement and soft-pedaling with raving extremists lurking around...
Boarding school in Naija might eventually be the hope for so many of us parents raising Nigerian children abroad. Let us just hope that by the time our children get to that age the boarding schools back home are not worse than having our school abroad.
I, being what was called an AjeBota then just about got through boarding school - you expect these molly-cuddled kids to manage that having growth up in Europe or the States?

You might as well send them to Guantanamo Bay - you guys better wake up to stark realities, you might have a great sense of security and discipline for sending the kids back home and in the same vein create serious animosity between yourselves and your kids.

Besides, with the kids having very rich parents who might probably be abroad, they might just been as bullied by other less privileged kids.

Give this a really deep thought before you are carried away with the fantasy of your boarding school days.

True, this knife crime thing is worrisome, wearing body armour only helps promote the culture of violence because the kids would either get better knives or go for guns, choosing where to stab more carefully.

Carrying a knife is evil enough and people who carry knives are not planning on peeling apples, they intend to us the knives and ensure that a stab does requisite damage.

We do live in dangerous times and have to rise up against these developments.
There are great boarding schools in the UK and US, where you can at least visit your child and he/she does not feel abandoned.

Crime is everywhere. Just as you plan to take you child to boarding school in Nigeria, you may be shot or robbed on the highway.....after all thieves have been known to target hotels which you may staying in....
I attended boarding school in naija and i turned out ok ; - ) I also remember growing up in the north of England and suffering from constant racist abuse.
I still thank my parents to this day for returning to naija and giving me the opportunity to learn about my culture and grow among my own people.
i'm sure you're aware of the Damilola Taylor case, do you think that would have happened in naija?
Unfortunately our children here are imbibing this culture of silence which leads to more crime...
Its all kicking off, and I do worry for my kids too. Got them enrolled in Martial arts quite early, but I am not too sure if that is some defence against knifes. I think there has to be a fixed 5 year sentence if you are caught with a knife on the street. And I think the sentence should be served in a place like South Asia...Where prisons are not places to chillax...
Yea, my dear Ijebu brotha, preach it! JOGS didnt turn us bad, not at all! When I look at the influence this westerner pop culture has on these kids, I swear if i have kids, they will grow up in naija!
Armed robber or no armed robber Naija is still preferred to this country interms of bringing up your young children. At least you will be assured that no drug addicted crazed kids would put all your hard investments on your children to nought by taking their lives! We black should start facing the facts, were it white kids dying weekly on London streets, these government would have quickly come up with a lasting solution and come to think of it how many killers of black kids have been successfully prosecuted?
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