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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hey Abbott (part 2) 

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got an interesting letter today, it seems the jamaican observer published the email i sent in response to Diane Abbott's article Think Jamaica is bad? Try Nigeria

Which explains why i got a letter from some anonymous fool called Sogey. I won't be surprised if this 'Sogey' person is an assistant to Ms Abbott. Since she wrote the article she has kept a very low profile (i wonder why..)

Anyway this guy 'Sogey' sent me a two page letter on how "great" Jamaica is (yawn) but was too much of a coward to reveal his identity or details so i could respond.

posted by ijebuman  # 12:25 pm
Well done Ijebu man we need more Naijas willing to put their money where their mouth is by pulling up D on her double standards. I remember when she was seeking re--election she knew to come to Kingsway International church (A predominately Nigerian Church, reported to be the biggest Black Church in the UK)in Hackney to seek votes. She is supposed to be representing our interests but instead highlights our problems. However Alarm don blow Jamaica Observer published your full name and location. Haba!
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