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Friday, November 25, 2005

And in the weird world of Nigeria...
Naija was in the news again this week and you can trust it wasn't for something positive as the governor of Bayelsa, D. Alamieyeseigha, jumped bail and fled from the UK, reports say he escaped with forged travel documents (obviously..) and was 'dressed as a woman'
Not only is the guy a criminal, he's now also a cross dresser : ).
It's going to be interesting seeing how this plays out, so far he has been kicked out of his party (PDP), i expect the legislators in the state legislative house will have to be 'settled' to instigate impeachment proceedings against him, cause he is definitely not going to resign voluntarily...

Whichever way its a massive embarrassment to all Nigerians and the ijaws should be ashamed of themselves for rejoicing when he arrived. I think the govt should grant the ijaws independence, with leaders like Alams they'll be begging to return....

Nice Quote: "Religion seems to have a way of making people abandon logic". ~Amanda Baxter

Weather Today: weather turns nasty...

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