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Friday, October 14, 2005

In the News recently: 'Bird Flu reaches Europe'

ok let the panic begin, it seems migratory birds from Asia have finally bought the dreaded bird flu to Europe (just Turkey at the mo). Africa is just round the corner and with all our problems its prevention is not high on our agenda so you just know that it will be a nightmare when it hits Africa.

Chicken and Turkey (the two things i love to eat) may soon become a no go area just like beef after the mad cow scare. Infact i only started eating beef again in the last 2/3 years. The scariest thing is not the bird flu and the mass culling of poultry it entails. It is the scary scenario of the virus mutating or adapting and spreading from humans to humans rather than bird to humans.

Scientists are saying its only a matter of time before this occurs and there are still no vaccines to combat it. Seems like a doomsday scenario or something out of that crazy film with Dustin Hoffman in it trying to combat an 'ebola' type virus, Only time will tell but it seems we are living, like the chinese will say, in "interesting" times

Nice Quote: "In order to become someone else's soul-mate, you must first be your own" - Dr Derek Hopson

Weather Today: cloudy dark and grey, no surprises there

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