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Thursday, September 29, 2005

paying the price for the long journey back from oz, still suffering the effects of jetlag

In the News recently: 'Nigerian governor arrested in London'

the money laundering law claims another Nigerian "theiving" politician, this time the governor of bayelsa state. bayelsa state is one of those poor states in that cesspool of mayhem, poverty and polution called the niger delta. now this state is probably one of the poorest in nigeria and why not when all of the state's money is in the governor's bank account in london.

some idiots are making noise that its all politically motivated but what interest will the british government have in this pathetic little creature.

hopefully the days of nigerian politicians thinking they can just steal money and bring it here is numbered, african countries don't need western handouts and aid, what we need is for western countries to seize stolen african wealth taken out of africa and kept in bank accounts in western nations.

Nice Quote: "the best man for the job does not go after the job, he waits to be called" - Ulysses S Grant.

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